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July 29, 2006

What is happening to Singapore now?

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What is happening to Singapore now?

I couldn’t believe what’s happening to singapore until I was taking the cab today.

(paiseh, nowadays my life evolves around work and cabbing! Omg)

you know the illegal kind of taxis that you get to see in china.

Yes. We’ve got it here.

With all my experience of cab taking, this is first time I’ve ever seen this in Singapore!

after working, dragging my laptop to the taxi stand. There was a long queue.

I joined the queue, while calling for a cab.

I overheard these strange uncles and aunties asking the tourists there if they want express cab.

Then I realised that they are actually illegal cab operators. Omg. Its here now?

I remembered vividly that when I went shanghai last september. When we reached the airport, we were approached by these illegal cabbies. Offering us discounted rates.

And you know what happened? We decided to take the risk.

Actually, now, come to think of it. I think that we shouldn’t have taken the risk! Just for a few RMBs, those people could have driven us to somewhere else and robbed us for more money!

Haiz. What to do. Someone who has more say than me *cough*, was blinded by money.

Anyway. I found the indonesian tourists very savvy! None of them took up the offers from the illegal cabbies, despite the long taxi queue.

But perhaps its not due to savvyness. It can be more correctly attributed to the trusting nature of the singaporeans, growing up in a place where its close to the ideal world, versus the more complicated environment in indonesia?


Some pictures!

The friendliest bao in the world!

I knew I had to buy it, as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Cause its soooooo cute!

Nevermind that it wasnt exactly delicious.. ha. *cough* bimbotivity. ha.


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