The girl who laughed too much, too loud

July 23, 2006

As fellow human beings.

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Communicating to each other, just because we are fellow human beings.

Thursday, I succumbed to the temptations of the macdonald’s hashbrown. So when I was making my purchase, the aunties at macdonalds were teasing this auntie, calling her ‘ah soh’.

And she was super cute and responded: dun call me ah soh hor! Call me that only when I am unable to walk.

Ha. And I joined in the fun. It was fun connecting with aunties at such a level, over laughter.

During lunch, as I had to go for an early lunch. the lady at the porridge stall was telling me about her work, her day.

I felt heartened. To connect with her on such a level too.

Last night, I took a cab home.

The cabs were forming a long queue. And my friends took the cab the nearest to them.

I dragged my heavy huge laptop and my tired body to the first cab in the queue and took it.

The cab driver was so happy that he thanked me profusely. And said keep it up.

I was touched myself.

I did not expect him to be so happy. I did not expect him to appreciate my effort.



dites-moi, pourquoi la vie est belle?

(tell me why, life is beautiful)

its a beautiful world, isn’t it?;-)

I finally understood what Dalai lama was trying to say.

To communicate and respect each other, just because we are fellow human beings.

heading off to a bimbotic session with delicia soon.=)

It has been a lazy weekend. Nursing my outbreaks.

AND voila. yesterday night. I received an sms.

AND AND my dearest girl friend, Jinling. Her boyfriend proposed on Saturday, and she has accepted.

My first reaction was. I am so happy for her! really!


I started thinking. When is it my turn?

Ha. *wishful thinking*

And I started to freak out.

At least I still have SDU right? =P *phew*


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