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July 18, 2006

Thanksgiving time

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Thanksgiving time: blogging on the way back from work.

some thanks that I would want to mention, but haven’t done so as I was too caught up with work.

Although I will not be mentioning names, the one I am thanking should be able to realise that it is him/her I am thanking.

so, here’s my thanksgiving list in not order of merit (ha!):

Thank you for giving me the moral and emotional support all these while. Life is full of so much more laughter with a gal pal like you. Oh, that means that I also have to thank the rest for putting up with us, because they couldn’t understand why we were laughing all the time. Oh, I wish we could meet up more often, I need my laughing buddy (and ‘king kong’ jokes buddy)!

Thank you for surprising me at my doorstep early in the morning so as to fetch me to work. It was a pleasant surprise, and really nice to be driven! You must have waited for some time liao. I really appreciate your effort. Oh also, thanks for your chim chim long long smses that I didn’t quite know how to respond to. Ha.

Thank you for your ‘smile’ sms. in fact, it was your sms that got me in this thankful mood. *smiles*

Thanks for understanding that I need to work, and hence had to postpone our bimbotic trip. Really did not want to, I am sure you understand, my old old friend.

*suddenly got reminded that there’s a phone call I’ve forgotten to make*

*makes the phone call, the person did not pick up*

Thank you for this person. For being kind of my mentor. A teacher-who-became-a-friend. A big shot professor like you, with a busy busy schedule and millions of conferences to think about. I appreciate you to take the effort to call me from time to time. Also I appreciate your last sms, an sms I don’t know how to respond to. But thanks. For wanting to play such an important part in my life. Oh also. You were kind of there when my rabbit died. Ha. Thanks! oh AND thanks for sabo-ing me man. The last time we met, you had me talking to a stranger. Thanks man.
( hmmm.. Why do u have the longest thank you message? This is as. I owe u an sms and a call back which I said I would but it slipped my mind)

Thank you for your offer of wanting to fetch me when I worked late.

Thank you for calling me every night to hear me whine. I know overseas calls aren’t cheap.


getting tired.

And thank you (yes! You) for reading in. Thanks for sharing this moment of your life with me.

*hugs to all!*

I am the most xin fu person in the world no? Ha.

If you would set aside some time each week for thanksgiving, I wonder how you will feel after you’ve counted your little blessings on the way? πŸ˜‰


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