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July 17, 2006

Things to look forward to=)

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First, my friend happily informed me that intelligentsingaporean linked me on my national day entry. *smiles* *flattered*

I scanned through the blog, between working. It seems really interesting. So I will be going back to read more soon!

This friend of me wrote an article for that blog some time back.

information removed upon request of a paranoid person.

Lets see.

Muscles are aching.

Feeling sore everywhere.

AND YES. with the ever so irritating pimple on my nose!

I am at work.

I have no idea why, but my left eyelid would not stop twitching! whats wrong with it!?!?!??! GRR…


I really cant work so hard for so long. I look forward to the end of this project. which is one month away. Am thinking of taking a break to go taiwan for the national day’s holiday. We shall see. I am supposed to make time for Hong kong.

Should be heading off to France end of august. Man… Time flies.

Soon I will be leaving for Shanghai. I expect that to be very challenging. Let’s take things as they come.


Busy-ness is one thing. Mummy is another. Dating mummy once a week is still essential!

The girls: me, sissy and mummy gobbles at the food fest!

Daddy dearest will be back from China on the 28 July. YAY! looking forward to seeing him.

I have to apologize to the people whom I’ve cancelled with for the last weekend.

Sorry Jevon (and Terence, Huyan, Jensen)! Sorry Delicia! Sorry Chenwei!

Haiz. I do not even dare to arrange to meet up anyone anymore.

This week will be a better week!


One very exciting thing that happened to me weeks back!

I had my first brush with a motorbike!!!

It was super fun! its like riding a bicycle, but except its effortless and faster!

Thanks to Jeff of course.


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