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July 16, 2006

The Workaholic

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Working 7 days a week.

Clocking 29hours on Wednesday.

I have once again became Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

I will get a big red angry looking pimple when I do not sleep enough.

The last time it happened was doing coaching. and Pete was so irritating by singing ‘Rudoplh the red nose reindeer’ to me. grrr..

This time.

the CLIENT! yes my customer actually suaned me by asking ‘ ay? christmas is round the corner? how come got reindeer?’ GRRRR

why me? WHY ME?

woe is me!

I am testing out this new method of getting rid of the random pimples that pop up one by one. It seems to be working fine. will share with you peeps if it is indeed successful!

also. I hate my skin when it is not 100% smooth. You know, I am somewhat obsessed with my skin. and I like to run my finger down to check if it is smooth. and due to the work and lack of sleep and probably stress, and bad food. I can feel some small small tiny bumps on my skin! Even though I cant see them, but I am extremely irritated by them!

AND I am sure we are able to see the bumps if I were to do the skin magnifying thing, by magnifying my skin 100 times.

So there.

May I also add that doing tissue masks really works? After the mask, there is practically NO bumps! smooth again!

BUT at the end of the next day’s work, the teeny weeny bumps came back again. (and I do not care if they are visible or not, as long as I can feel them, they have to be removed!)

OK. End of my complaints. and BACK TO WORK!


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