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July 11, 2006

A private jet event

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Millionaire asia 1st year anniversary.

Yup, that’s what I was up to, before the farewell event.

it is a private party to celebrate the millionaire asia magazine’s birthday.

And it was combined with an exhibition of private jets. Where the guests could view which jet they want to purchase for their private fleet of jets. Guests also include the brunei high comissioner, some datuks etc.

Well. Yes. Its way out of my league for now. But nevertheless I had a great time taking pictures with the jets.:-)

And my partner prefers to remain anonymous. *rolls eye* ha.

In case you guys think that I am a millionaire.. Heh. Sorry to disappoint. I am invited as a plus-one by… an ex-bf.

it is incredible how rich these people are. It makes me think what the heck some people are boasting of, and teaching people to get rich?! One porsche is like a molehill as compared to private jets.

The best part. And the part I was most impressed is that: there wasn’t any actresses in sight? I was expecting snooty rich men to be accompanied by pretty actresses or models. But no. Most came with their wives. *so sweet* they all looked like they have a splendid family life.

there were models for the luxury watches show. But no one even bother to look at them, except *cough* for me. In my defense, they are all really tall and pretty ok??!?

so, I hereby conclude that the really rich people aren’t shallow at all. Its just the kinda rich ones that are spoiling the image of rich people. ( I used to hold this prejudice for very rich people. But I still can’t accept women who love for money)

None were too flashy, well except their beautiful cars. One came with a hawaiian shirt. Another came with jeans, rolled up shirt and a ponytail to boot. That’s micheal ma by the way, and I remembered that I read somewhere that he’s gay. But sorry to disappointed, my partner is a close friend of his and his sweet wife. Ohhh.. I love his wife! Cause *cough* she said that I am very very very pretty *cough* ha. Shallowtivity!

I was meeting people who were the bosses of my friends’ bosses. Like muvee’s owner. Micheal said muvee’s in 16 countries. I was already in love with the company before I saw the CEO!

and out of everyone in the world. I am the most surprised to meet the biggest european client of my company. Someone who knows my company, and knows how big it is. Ha. Priceless!

But but. This placed my french under stress-test! The adorable looking couple decided to converse in french. *sweat* *phew*

I think I did well;-)

but ok lar, I am not tempted by rich men. *phew* ha. I don’t really need a private jet.

oooh.. I feed on love.:-)


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