The girl who laughed too much, too loud

July 10, 2006

A heartwarming weekend.

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Someone wise. Hmm.. I kinda regard him as my mentor. *you know who you are*

Told me that.

It is a must to be there at important occasions of people’s lives.

It is part of being human.

I wonder if my friends (close and old friends) did notice the difference in me. As in, the two-years-ago me, and the now me.

I changed to become a warm person. From the heart.

Not the ice-cream I used to be. Sweet on the outside, and cold in the inside.

I have also learnt alot from this dear little bear, who happens to be cold on the outside, but fluffy and warm in the inside. From him, I’ve learnt so many things.

And most importantly. How to be more…. human. (now sometimes I wonder if I am too human. ha)


So I knew I have to go to the farewell party of the 2 sweetest vietnamese I have ever known! (but just to save my butt, bao is very sweet too. ha. cause he *cough* say that *cough* I am *cough* sweet *cough* . *blush* Have I mentioned that I am shallow? =P)

So, I made the decision to leave this gorgeous private event that I was attending early, so as to spend some time at the farewell party.=)

I did not take alot of pictures, cause its a heartwarming (plus a little saddening) event. So those behind me, and on the left and right of me are not included in the picture! Also excluding the one who fell asleep! can’t blame her, we were up til around 3am?

Don’t you think that they look like the sweetest and simplest looking bunnies.=P

don’t play play. Cause Nyugen is apparently 2nd in her cohort in NUS. and Thac is 10th. and both were awarded scholarships to do their PHDs in USA, Seattle.

All in all. I had fun=). Lotsa laughter and some tears at the end. with all the words from the heart from everyone.

I didn’t cry then. Because I know that we will definitely meet again in the future. Cause I can see their commitment to this friendship that we have. But now, having wrtten so much I feel like crying. Because I know I will miss them. oh. crap. *sniff* take care u too!

I really appreciate the people who made their way down. I am sure you have made a great difference already.=)


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