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July 7, 2006

Are we ready

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or are we not?

You said that we are becoming matured.

Hence the green light to bar top dancing, shows like crazy horse, and bungee jumping.

you said you wanted to hear our voices.

which the more patriotic ones of us did.

so is this really want you want to do?

things can be handled in a different way.
If you find that what he said is not true, you could just step out and clear things up. clarify the issue in a peaceful manner. for you are. our dearest government.

we are. but mere citzens.

This reminded me of what happened when I was in university year 2. those in power just cant let things rest, and clarify things in a diplomatic way.

Surely if the explanation is sound, we will accept it. I am sure mr brown will accept it too.

This is not a way to treat your citzens.

Patriotism underrated

Those who bother to speak up bravely, only shows something. They truly love singapore. and care about the nation.

As compared to those who do not even discuss issues like this? I have seen too many amongst my friends. Surely they do not feel as strongly towards singapore as those who do care.


why punish the patriots.

I had the privilege to get to know someone who ran as an independent party last election. Yes he lost.

I could see the passion for the people burning in his eyes. and his love for the country. the willingness to step out to contribute his part.

Respect. is what I have for him.

And yes, I have an uncle with the ruling party. But I hardly even know him

I will do my part for singapore

Yes. I do not have the means to serve as a minister. or perhaps its part of my selfish self. Cause perhaps I can serve, but it will take up too much effort and time etc. and hinders my own selfish pursue of personal goals.


I smile whenever I can.

I open doors/hold doors on people.

I say thank you with a sweet smile when people hold doors for me.

I pick up litter from the streets to make Singapore a cleaner place.

I give up my seats to people who need it more than me in MRTs(metro).

I think of ways I can improve the world in general.

I want to play my small part to contribute to the society.

I have been conceptualising a new charity organisation.

Hmmm.. these sounds more like what I am contributing to humankind.

But especially for singapore.

I defend you, my dearest country endlessly.

In paris, when a fellow french colleague said that we are corrupted, I got so angry that I searched on the net for our corruption index and slammed it right into his face. (we are at position 5, and france at position 25 by the way.)

But do u still love us, if we hold differing opinions? Shouldn’t you love those who bother to speak out more?

its getting depressing.

I believe loving something. In this case, a country. Is sticking with the country through thick and thin. Yes. There might be other countries out there (which explains why many singaporeans has migrated to Australia,new zealand, canada).

My thoughts are:

So. You do not like Singapore. Going to another country is not going to solve the problem, as you are definitely going to find things you do not like about that country too. so are you going to migrate again?

I think. If there are things that can be improved. If you love your country enough. Improve it! make it into your dream and ideal country. =)

quitting is never an option.



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