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July 6, 2006

Love conquers all

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my oldest best friend, delicia, lent me this book: eleven minutes. And having already a lot of half-read books on hand. I was wondering when can I ever finish the book.but still, I finished the book in a mere 3days, while I am working like crazy AND I only read the book on my way home on the cab. and on and off.

its been a long time since I’ve read a fiction book. I think that’s why. Non-fiction books requires too much digestion I think. Ha. Either I am slow at digesting or I think too much.

let’s list out what I have half-finished:
– beating the street
a peter lynch’s book
– can asians think
I love this one. But heavily political.
– speeches that changed the world
oh well. I was gawking at this book for ages at the front shelf of borders. But I only realised my urge when it disappeared from the front shelf, and I started looking franatically for it.
– Dalai Lama’s book
– why men have nipples
ha. A medicine piece. As corny as it might sound, but I was attracted to it. Love at first sight.

I have some books pending: a beauty book by da S, and my life by clinton.

Anyway, I’ve digressed too much!

there are a lot of things that I felt that i’ve learnt (or I’ve concluded) from the book. But yet, I am too lazy to flip and type them all out.

So these are what were running through my mind.

True freedom

true freedom is when u are able to love freely. With no contraints, no withholding, no boundaries.


Just love.

Problems? Insecurities? Issues? Cultural barriers? Parents? Money? Future? Weird habits? Different backgrounds? Physical attributes? Education level? Age? Religion? Self doubt? Social expectations?

Dwell not.

Cause Love conquers all.


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