The girl who laughed too much, too loud

July 6, 2006

A quickie during lunch

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Hiya people.

Lotsa things on my mind (again!). Yes. like 90% of my time I have too many things on my mind.

Oh, also I have my stupid Final theory test this friday, as the one I have taken has expired. grr…

After nights of sleeping and waking up with every cell in my body aching like crazy.

Suddenly I became aware of what Justin said. about Chronic fatigue sydrome.

Hence, I read up on it. Wow. It could be scary, but for the moment its just unrecoverable energy via sleeping, and strange muscle aches all over. Mild case still.

Yup. so officially. I have overworked myself last week, and I havent got the chance to rest really well to recuperate.


how can this happen to me?

But today its alittle better. Cause I took a small sip of DOM before sleeping.

It works. I think.

My examination periods I have to either take DOM or Ginseng Tablets to have the energy to work straight 14hours. heh.

Thoughts are flowing like crazy.

Rejecting people is never easy….

I do not like to do that.


On another note!

Taka has a sizable Food Festival.

LOTSA LOTSA LOTSA different types of food.


Definitely going to check it out.

The funny part is. just opposite the food fest, a promotion stand for a slimming company. haha.

I found it amazingly amusing.


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