The girl who laughed too much, too loud

July 4, 2006

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Its a beautiful world we live in no?

Today I was going to work. It was a bright and sunny day. (just like the rest of the 364.99999 days in Singapore) ok I am exaggerating. =P

I was walking toward the MRT (not taking cab, because I am not heading to my client’s place. SO SAD! *sob* ha. I do enjoy cabbing to and fro work), and I saw this black crow. You know, the big ugly raven kind. So this crow seems to be a little injured, hence unable to fly or something( I guessed, as it is hopping around, instead of flying).

Then this other crow came and fed it. Mouth to mouth (or rather beak to beak)! He actually deposited the food right into her beak. I was like.. wow… speechless and touched by the sight.

Also. when I was approaching them, the one hopping, she (i assumed she is female, because it is more romantic for the male to take care of the female. ha. heck all the feministic crap, I am a traditionalist.) tried her very best to squeeze the gaps between the fence to get away from the pavement. But she failed as she was obviously too big. I saw her try again and again, and could sense her desperation.

So. I decided to ease her mind (cause obviously she was afraid of this strange human approaching), and walked into the grass area, avoiding the pavement (which is a HUGE thing for me, by the way, cause I am wearing heels).

Then this old man approached from the other direction. He saw her there doing her best to squeeze into the gap. He actually did a kicking action, as if he was going to kick her.

Her loving partner, of course, did not abandon her in face of danger (humans), he was already protectively hovering over the head of the old man, getting ready to attack, should the man attack his dearest fellow crow.

Luckily for the old man, he wasn’t serious about kicking the bird. so he got away, unhurt.

Now, we have read in the papers, many cases of crows attacking humans. But it is usually out of this word 情. Friendship and love.

So yes. Let’s respect the crows, and our fellow beings a little more=)


Was hoping and hoping that the illegal currypuff vendor is there in the morning.

I so need a currypuff! and voila! he’s there.

I happily order 2 fish 1 potato (deuer ikan satu gantang), IN MALAY. because the previous orders in english took quite sometime.

BUT ALAS. My 3 curry puffs turned out to be all potatos! grr….

Had a great evening yesterday with sis and justin! =)

Ever so grateful that sis is back. Felt alittle bad for leaving the meeting early though. haiz. work work work.

Will work harder today! also my advance driving theory is this friday (grumble mumble). Haven’t study yet!

ok, have a good day people!


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