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July 3, 2006

Despite the busy-ness..

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On the way to work now.

Mega busy last week. Let’s see if this week will be a better week. (i sure hope so!)

worked on saturday and sunday too. Can u believe it?!?

but still, managed to crawl to attend edwin’s dental clinic’s grand opening!

The dental clinic is very lovely-ly done. Elegant and classy and all. They liased with lasalle’s students and made the clinic kind of like a gallery, at the same time, selling their paintings.

but what I love most is that there is a lcd attached to the dental chair, so that you can watch whatever you want, while going through the treatment! Also it comes with wireless headphones too. So cool and thoughtful of the dentists right? 😉

I wish Edwin all the best=) so that he can provide daffy with a good life. ha =P

On Friday.

Also managed to celebrate mum’s birthday!

Albeit at 10+pm at night. But still. =)


And I am also very proud of myself. of keeping to my commitment of ‘dating’ my mum out once a week. I am very proud that I can keep to my commitments despite being so freaking busy=) HAPPY!


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