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July 1, 2006

Some blogs from my hp

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On Friday:
I hate working late.

And accomplishing nothing.

Today is such a day.

to make things worst. It is impossible for one to get a cab at this time. (9+pm) at tanjong pagar complex.

Even after numerous calls to numerous cab companies, and holding on for numerous minutes while the xxx cab company ‘finds a taxi’ for me. I was on my own.

I walked out (on heels by the way) and decided to make my way to the main road for cabs, only to find that all the cabs in this universe are either hired or on call.

The feeling is so miserable that I was on the verge of breaking down. I called chenwei, she did not pick up. I called mummy, who did her best to offer solutions. (very grateful by the way)

at this point of time. I really wished that my other half is around so that I could call to whine and cry.

Haiz. Ha.

brain can’t think straight when its tired/overworked.

Ok, that’s out of the point.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Besides, I have my favourite fried rice waiting for me at home, courtesy of my loving mummy and sis is back! The house feels so much more like a home now. 🙂


Now waiting for sissy to come and pick me up with a cab.

Haiz. Times are so blissful with sissy around.

Really enjoy her presence.

So much that we re-lived the good old times where we talked and talked throughout the night. Losing sleep just because of chatting. Which is amazing for me, cause few people could keep me entertained for such a long period of time!

so for those who can, you know who you are. Let’s cherish each other k? 😉

my eyelids are almost dropping and sissy is still not here yet. Brain dead. Can’t blog anymore.

Celebrating mum’s birthday later when we get home!


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