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July 30, 2006

A Great Date with a Cute Hunk.

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Had a wonderful Saturday. And I know today will be a great day too! watching Cabaret later with Sissy! YAY! My musical companion is back. So happy. happiest!

Feixiang is quite a star in broadway, but I haven’t had the opportunity to hear him sing live. so I am really looking forward!

Friday night, I went to pick up dad at the airport, straight after work. (yeah. worked late again) Funny though, now I am kind of numb towards working late. At least, I am happy with the things to look forward to! Like spending more thing with the man of my life! =P

HA. So. yesterday. Dad’s friend offered him tickets to the NDP Preview. Although I had a movie and dinner date with huihui, and sun and people. But I thought, dad will only be in Singapore for 1 month. So it will be better to be with dad for the evening, moreover mum and sis are not available.

Besides, what can be more fun than watching the NDP?!?!Plus its with DAD!! sorry people. I simply love to celebrate and cheer for no good reason. HAHA.

After which, I got home to freshen up before joining huihui, sun, grace and people for drinks. which was fun. They were all nice people.

Miss sun and huihui alot alot, now that we are not taking lessons together, we have less opportunities to crap together already.='( ha.


July 29, 2006

Dabbling with photography

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Yesyes. I like to take pictures.

And here are some pictures that I am particularly proud of. All from the bangkok trip.

Comments? (please click to see the full thing hor!)

Picture 1:
There can never be too many shoes!
There were so many shoes that I was dazzled.

Picture 2:
Sour outside, Sweet inside
Thai oranges are really really sweet! Its incredible. Just like that thai people themselves.

Picture 3:
The Perfect Fusion
Fried wanton with cheezzzeee inside. Yummy!

Picture 4:
Chicken wings
Indulgence. My favourite food. Enuff said

What is happening to Singapore now?

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What is happening to Singapore now?

I couldn’t believe what’s happening to singapore until I was taking the cab today.

(paiseh, nowadays my life evolves around work and cabbing! Omg)

you know the illegal kind of taxis that you get to see in china.

Yes. We’ve got it here.

With all my experience of cab taking, this is first time I’ve ever seen this in Singapore!

after working, dragging my laptop to the taxi stand. There was a long queue.

I joined the queue, while calling for a cab.

I overheard these strange uncles and aunties asking the tourists there if they want express cab.

Then I realised that they are actually illegal cab operators. Omg. Its here now?

I remembered vividly that when I went shanghai last september. When we reached the airport, we were approached by these illegal cabbies. Offering us discounted rates.

And you know what happened? We decided to take the risk.

Actually, now, come to think of it. I think that we shouldn’t have taken the risk! Just for a few RMBs, those people could have driven us to somewhere else and robbed us for more money!

Haiz. What to do. Someone who has more say than me *cough*, was blinded by money.

Anyway. I found the indonesian tourists very savvy! None of them took up the offers from the illegal cabbies, despite the long taxi queue.

But perhaps its not due to savvyness. It can be more correctly attributed to the trusting nature of the singaporeans, growing up in a place where its close to the ideal world, versus the more complicated environment in indonesia?


Some pictures!

The friendliest bao in the world!

I knew I had to buy it, as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Cause its soooooo cute!

Nevermind that it wasnt exactly delicious.. ha. *cough* bimbotivity. ha.

July 27, 2006

Two types of men

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there are 2 types of men.

The type that wants to work to provide for the family. Who wants to give their wife the option to work or not to work. The more MCP ones. Perhaps also more protective. Might not share his problems with you too.

the other type that wants to share everything with the wife. Including the burden of providing for the family. More open minded and flexible.

Which type are you, men? And which type do you prefer, ladies?

I am still finding that out myself.

I don’t mind being ‘dominated’. Ha. But he seems to be the second type… How? *SDU beckons*

Work hasn’t been as crazy as working 29hrs like before. But I am clocking around 15 to 16hours a day.

I think I am going crazy. This isn’t how I visualise working life to be! Time after working hours are PERSONAL TIME. not for us to continue working.


Haven’t taken public transport in awhile. I might be addicted to taxis. But of course the benefit of taking taxis to and fro work is not even worth the effort that I put in working!!

paiseh people. I can’t stop whining. Bear with me a little ok?

July 24, 2006

The story of "Other Half"

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According to Plato. An interesting old greek story reads:

Long long time ago, humans were actually with 2 heads, four hands and four legs. And the gods found humans too strong and powerful, as humans were never tired, they can stand on 2 legs and rest the other 2. They are able to think better with 2 heads. (i suppose having both the ability to read maps, and to listen is great! but this is my own point of view, not part of the mythology) and they could survive as one, on their own, and were never lonely. They did not need a mate, as they could reproduce on their own too.

so. One day, zeus decided to split the humans into 2 with a lightning bolt. so the each side has one head, 2 arms and 2 legs.

and immediately, the world fell into chaos. There were betrayal, hurt, dishonesty, suspicion everywhere.

Humans had to search for their lost half and to embrace it. In that embrace, regain their former strength, their ability to avoid betrayal and the stamina to walk for long periods of time and to withstand hard workm

that embrace in which the the two bodies re-fuse to become one again is what we call sex.

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