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June 23, 2006

Thai Trip Part one

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My thai trip was the weekend before. And I have been dying to blog about it.

But but. Not much spare time. But now I do, waiting for the optician. 🙂 ha. Dun you wish that you have a palm too? :p

ha. Ok. Shall not be bad and tempt you all.


The weekend that I went to thailand was coincidentally the 60th anniversary for the thai king. and everyone was wearing yellow tshirts!! So I knew I had to get one for myself too! :p

side note: julia happened to go bangkok the same time as me. But she thought that the tshirt is very off-beat. And yesterday, just as we were on our way home, we saw a man wearing the yellow polo tee! Ha. But let me prove to you that my yellow tshirt is not off-beat ok?!?!

ok. Maybe it is alittle. But really, it doesn’t matter when the whole of thailand is wearing the same thing, no?

I love the king too! Was speaking to some thai people. Yup. The king did a lot of great things for the poor. Hence people truly respect him.

or perhaps when an adorable little girl is wearing the same thing as you…. Ha. See? The tshirt is looking cute now right?

its really difficult to take a good picture with such a custy little baby!

1. her mum stood beside the camera and the lil girl started laughing and walking towards her mother

2. She decided to face me and I had to point to the camera before she would turn towards the camera!!!

3. Finally. A good one. Will be perfect if she’s laughing. But I think she’s quite confused on what to do. Ha. Adults can be confusing you know!

Since we don’t have any burdens (i.e. Guys) with us. Hahaaahaaa. Joking joking. I actually prefer to have men around ok? Ok. Peace.

we are free to do vanity stuff like: manicures and pedicures!!! Aycilic(don’t know how to spell) too! Which took hours. but good and cheap! Ha.

and we started chatting with the thai ladies. And they said that cause thai ladies are pretty and I m pretty, therefore I look thai. Ha. I love this country can?!? Ha. yes. Let me be shallow!


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