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June 23, 2006

My favourite things : My fav dog!

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I want to have a mini schnie one day!!

and I think I will stay home to take care of it. =P haha. cute enough to give up a career for right? šŸ˜‰

I know the picture with me and chenwei is extremely blur. but chenwei will probably kill me cause the other clearer picture is not too glam. so yup.

AND I will also like to add that everyone looks better in real life! really really! *sincere smile*

Jerome is supposed to join us, but he’s too sick. actually we are quite a weird combination, 4 gals and a guy. so weird that no wonder someone started hallucinating that he is charlie, and sent messages like: “dear angels…’ ha.

Oh. I got cranky and cut my fringe myself on sunday night. so its back to bangs again. heh. not like the long swept aside fringe you can see at the header where I was in bangkok.

Was out Tuesday night with Noel, cause he will be off to HSBC Hong kong soon! this saturday morning in fact. I wish him all the luck. cause structuring will not be easy for an intern.

Anyway, we bumped into the guy who is behind the Barons’ beer advertisement. The abs that we are all secretly drooling at. ha. He happened to be the bunk mate of Noel. so yup. oh really wanted to take a picture of his abs, but not sure how to do that without appearing lecherous.=P


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