The girl who laughed too much, too loud

June 21, 2006

Hiak. Too busy for lunch today

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ha. before you start thinking: poor girl, she must be working too hard..

Mango sale starts tomorrow! (public service annoucement)

And chenwei got me the invite to the preview today! so we get to shop before the public shop tomorrow. PLUS crowdless!=)

So. lor. had to sacrifice my lunch. Luckily I had my half-eaten mushroom puff thingy and an apple from mummy. and probably I will eat some oreos.

*tough life* wahahhaaaa..


Oh! finally got hold of the Westside story’s cd that someone smart managed to get it, despite the fact that the musical has ended and all the goods that been delivered back to where they came from. Thanks!!!

And also special thanks for another someone who got me the songs from Grease!!!=)

and this strange person actually asked for the mp3 of the song that I was playing in my blog, saying that it is romantic. huh? the title of the previous song is ‘Your Ex-lover is dead’. not really romantic right?

But i loved the cello bits, quite good. and the strings accompanyment are nicely done! oh, the gorg cello solo parts.

And I liked the lyrics too. I’ve actually written it before. I feel that its a good concept for couples who broke up and met again. Good for both parties:

There’s one thing I want to say so I will be brave:

You were what I wanted
And I gave what I gave
I am not sorry I met you
I am not sorry its over
I am not sorry there’s nothing to say

I am not sorry there’s nothing to say

*Kiss goodbye* to all relevant parties (you know who you are=)).


Oh by the way!

I managed to squeezed some time between work and night time moonlighting activities, and went to a photography exhibition last monday!

yup. Robert Doisneau. Capturing old Paris.

And as cheesy as I am. My favourite is Les pains de Picasso. Thought that its really interesting.


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