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June 19, 2006

Back back

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After 4 days of having only around 3-4hours to sleep.

Yes. the intensive kids camp coaching.

I am now back!

Have been super busy, but feeling great. having really got the time to blog now. but I will paste what I’ve blogged on my phone on tuesday nite.



Tracy’s wedding

on my way to my interview. Really excited!

And since I have time on my hands now, I might as well blog on my treo!

An important event happened last Tuesday. Boy, its already a week ago! Look how time flies, when you are not paying attention! since I was meaning to blog on her wedding. So here I go.

On the week before the wedding, I was already rather excited by the fact that I am attending my first wedding on my own in singapore. Plus! The bride is the sweetest tracy.

So so. Other that disturbing kloudiia with insignificant details like what to wear, the angpows etc. I was at a lost of what to wear.

I pondered and thought. Two of my most favourite dresses of my life are: chenwei’s white tube dress(heh, yes chenwei,i still love it very much!) and my dusty pink asymmetrical dress. Of course there are other tops and dresses too, but they might not be apt because they might be black or extremely challenging to the figure, etc.

Hmmm.. So I thought. Perhaps I will wear the pink dress. But ALAS, the one, with no grass growing under her feet, has taken it far far away to seattle. (hahahaa..i find it so hard to let go of this joke!)


so. I thought. How about separates? ooohh I love my pink kimono top! It will be gorgeous! But ALAS, yes you’ve guessed it right. The one with no grass under her feet has taken it away too! Ha. Not that I am blaming her, cos I’ve brought them to paris for more than a year.

So anyway. I decided that I should wear a non-white dress so as to let the bride stand out. But yet, not a dark coloured dress, cos I am traditional and superstitious. SO I am down with two choices: a red shimmering dress (which I bought to pretend to be santarina last christmas) and another bright dress I wore during new year. So the bright dress it shall be!

side note:
Oh man. My fingers are getting tired from blogging like this. And wait WAIT, did I just typed paragraphs after paragraphs on which dress should I wear???!?



Ok back to the important point! Tracy’s wedding. Before I get carried away again.

I couldn’t stop commenting to junde how beautiful tracy looked! And how
gorgeous the dress was!! it was a white tube dress, with..(oops. Here I go again. Unimportant and bimbotic details!)

to more important things. The wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, despite being the butt of some people’s flower pranks. It wasn’t long before the photographer and the videoman took notice of me, and the whole night they were like paparazzi, on their feet waiting for us to do stupid things again. Heh. I really don’t know how to appreciate roses and sunflowers on my head lor!!!grrr…

the most exciting part (for me that is, cos its my first time) is the post wedding alcohol drinking competition! Wahh.. My eyeballs nearly popped out as I witnessed how people drink alcohol like water.

So many people are such good sport!!! Eldhi, Pete, Tracy, ravi, Jimmy, Noelle. of course not that those who did not drink are not good sports. but we are facing the challenge of the ‘brothers’ from the male side u know!!! ha.

I almost nervously prepared myself to drink if I need to, cause the ‘brothers’ are very pressurizing indeed! but ha. just as I thought I must drink. Junde helped drink everything down=) *smiles* so sweet right? =P

Pictures soon!


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