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June 8, 2006

The Great Depression

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On my way (again!) to meet up with this old friend of mine (literally!! Hahahha.. *just kidding*)

I just had a disasterous day with my hp! Grrr.. I can’t see my smses as directly as before, from my inbox. And I can’t sms the last 20pple I have smsed (counting from when my phone went cranky, it was in the morning). So people whom I haven’t been smsg recently are safe, n hence can still receive smses from me. BUT alas, the last 20pple I’ve smsed, I can’t do a thing!my phone just restart on its own EACH TIME I send out an sms to these 20 adorable people. Included in these 20+ people I have smsed/or smsed me yesterday or e day before, meaning monday and tuesday.

Haiz.i just attempted to send an sms to someone in my top 20 list.but alas it failed.

E only smses I had were from this old friend and another person. *sobs* chenwei attempted to sms me but failed!without showing or storing her sms, my phone just RESTARTED on its own!

A friend called and ask, so who did u have lunch with in the end. I was like HUH?!? Apparently he smsed me to jio me for lunch. Haiz haiz haiz. And so we experimented again on the spot with him sms-ing me. and true enough, my stupid phone restarted again! Argh.

I had a couple of anonymous restarting today, so I guess if I miss any of ur smses, let me apologise here k? And! Kindly call me if its urgent.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


palm people are supposed to get back to me within 48hours counting from yesterday. I think I will wait til the end of today, and possibly do a hard reset.:( saying goodbye to all my dearest memories stored in the form of smses………*sniff* *sniff*


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