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June 6, 2006

The prettiest waterbottle of them all!

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Someone else is having his ROM today! on top of Tracy getting married.

haha. this obnoxious man was sooo kind to give me the chance to raise my objection. aHHAHAHAHA..

But really tong-dear, I will pass. =P

There is this post that took me awhile to finish, i started last week! and forgot about it. and continued yestrday night on my way back:

On my way to work now.

Grease was absolutely enjoyable can?!? Catchy songs, and the retro retro cheorography!

PLUS I’ve gotten my seats upgraded. Though I think its because of my smile, my partner thinks that its because he’s wearing a smart suit. So. Ha. That’s another debate.

But really, men in suits are cute no?

Ha. anyway. Lancy and her other half is there too! we sat together. And so, I found myself humming along with the songs, in between 2 people singing along out loud. Lancy was even dancing along with the music! Ha. The one in the smart suit was reprimanded by the lady in front for moving too much. Hhaha.

However though I liked the music and the chereography. I can’t say much for the quality of the dancers. There are parts when they aren’t exactly showing much chemistry between themselves, by dancing out of phase with each other. Ha. Here I go again, musical critic!

but the music is great. So I’m loving it.

This brings me to the musical westside story. chereography was great! I simply loved the latin america-inspired salsa-like dance and the american-inspired dance. I was swept!

But as for the music, other than 2 catchy tunes, the other songs are hmm.. Forgetable. Which I need the cd badly to listen and to revise! Someone sweet and nice bought me the cd, but it still with him. Perhaps I could get my hands on it next week yup.

My usual ritual for musicals is: watch the musical, buy e program and the cd. Listen to nothing but the cd for the next 2 weeks. Ha. Yup. I am so obssesed.
ha! It took me days to finish this post! N I am now on my way back, after shopping(mango and sanrio! Gosh 2 of my favourites!) and a good meal with a perfect bitching companion, Licia.:) as we dwell on our favourite topics of all times… MEN! WAHAHA… *joke* it is a JOKE

I realised I need to drink even MORE water. haiz. want to do my best to be even healthier. so. I got myself a motivation! The cutest water bottle in the world of course!!!=P

Taka’s sanrio corner has 20% off EVERYTHING! OMG. I love I love. I love. I saw so many things that I love, but.. alas. I guess I am alittle too old for it. thus I chose a matured looking minna no tabo’s water bottle!
*yawn* tired.

And at the same time excited! Tomorrow will be my first wedding! yeah! Excited to see everyone again.


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