The girl who laughed too much, too loud

June 5, 2006

the weekend!

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The weekend was superb!

I am in the office now in a semi-dazed state.

Not because of anything. I slept rather early yesterday. Around 11pm I reckon.

But I was awoken by this lady. Then I realised I was ‘used’.

A close friend came and bulk over at my place on Friday night. and i was awoken from my slumber, cause apparently … I was contending with this lady over my friend.


The old me would have said, I am sorry I am sleeping, can I get back to you again?

The new me. Who FINALLY understood what is the big fuss about breakups/heartaches etc etc. Did my best to wake myself up, and lent a listening ear towards this gorgeous lady.

Emphasizing. and offering my own experiences as a reference(er.. Ok, I don’t really have any experiences, but the recent depression can count, right? =p).

So its til wee hours.. like 2.30am, around that. then we ended our conversation. and I called my friend, to… reprimand him for being so harsh on a girl who has given him her all, and above most, her heart, and unconditional devotion.

*sigh* what can I say? I admire that girl for being so brave and being able to be so devoted and to really commit herself.

what about me? I thought. when can I reach that level. or. does it really bring more pain than happiness?

I congratulate my friend tracy who’s able to do that. and to find someone who is ready to reciprocate likewise.

I wonder if I will be as lucky.

and one thing that totally shocked me was. er. they remained as .. fuck buddies? upon the request of the girl. I think its because she loved him too much, and was at her wits’ end to keep her man.

why is it always that women use sex to obtain love, and men use love to obtain sex?


oh.. those thoughts are so depressing. if all men were like that, I think I will consider being a nun. or better. a LESBIAN. hahahaha.. oops.


Tuesday is my first wedding that I am attending .. on my own that is.

I mean all previous weddings are with my parents.

and this is truly the first friend’s wedding that I am going!

Yes, I have been to weddings 2 times in paris. accompanying Sq.

But not in sg.

so excitedly i was like asking kloudiia bimbotic questions like, what to wear lar, how much to give lar..etc. ha.

and kloudiia was like commenting that I am really a young girl, cause she has been to numerous weddings already.

now, I am young meh?!?!?!

But i think i am still far far away from a wedding.

That day liyan was like commenting that, she really want to have children.

and I responded, I really want to have dogs!


and liyan said: I am serious.

and I said: I am serious too.

HAHAH. oh well. I am not there yet. for a marriage.

I only get into that kind of mood when I am lovey dovey-ly in love with my man beside me.

I got myself into the mentality of being a homemaker, er.. about 1 month ago. Don’t u all think that its actually quite nice to be spineless and depend on the men? =P

ha. oh well. I always retain that its xinfu to have the choice to CHOOSE whether to work or not to work!


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