The girl who laughed too much, too loud

June 3, 2006

Mr Singapore!

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A post for the gals! and the men are really much much better than their ugly pictures on the web. really really.

The Mister Singapore Manhunt!

click to enlarge

*wipes saliva* hahahahaaa..

The crowd made up of supporters. and 70% gay men, 10%transvestites, 15%female, 5%straight men. =P

Dennis back to his usual self:

me and vera looking flustered after all the screaming and cheering. ha.

Was ultra sick that I had to stay home on wednesday. I had the MC for tuesday and wednesday, but since there are work to do, I decided to force myself to continue working. then after a tiring day at work, I was even more sick, and feeling wobbly. but I pushed myself to go for french lessons for my presentation.

I felt the effects the day after. I was almost bedridden. stumbling to get around. so, I decided to heed the doctor’s advice.

I was kind of unhappy about this, cause my french exams were on friday, and I really cant afford to fall so sick!!! GRRRR……..

anyway. all is fine and over!!

HHAHAHA.. My french exams are over yesterday! hmm.. it should be ok.. if there are no accidents. I should be able to get my diploma.

I was still alittle sick yesterday, but i had to PLAY! so I played, and stumbled into bed and slept at …. 3-4am?


Back to work!

Yup, working now on a saturday. watching over the hedge later!=)


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