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June 23, 2006

Thai Trip Part one

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My thai trip was the weekend before. And I have been dying to blog about it.

But but. Not much spare time. But now I do, waiting for the optician. 🙂 ha. Dun you wish that you have a palm too? :p

ha. Ok. Shall not be bad and tempt you all.


The weekend that I went to thailand was coincidentally the 60th anniversary for the thai king. and everyone was wearing yellow tshirts!! So I knew I had to get one for myself too! :p

side note: julia happened to go bangkok the same time as me. But she thought that the tshirt is very off-beat. And yesterday, just as we were on our way home, we saw a man wearing the yellow polo tee! Ha. But let me prove to you that my yellow tshirt is not off-beat ok?!?!

ok. Maybe it is alittle. But really, it doesn’t matter when the whole of thailand is wearing the same thing, no?

I love the king too! Was speaking to some thai people. Yup. The king did a lot of great things for the poor. Hence people truly respect him.

or perhaps when an adorable little girl is wearing the same thing as you…. Ha. See? The tshirt is looking cute now right?

its really difficult to take a good picture with such a custy little baby!

1. her mum stood beside the camera and the lil girl started laughing and walking towards her mother

2. She decided to face me and I had to point to the camera before she would turn towards the camera!!!

3. Finally. A good one. Will be perfect if she’s laughing. But I think she’s quite confused on what to do. Ha. Adults can be confusing you know!

Since we don’t have any burdens (i.e. Guys) with us. Hahaaahaaa. Joking joking. I actually prefer to have men around ok? Ok. Peace.

we are free to do vanity stuff like: manicures and pedicures!!! Aycilic(don’t know how to spell) too! Which took hours. but good and cheap! Ha.

and we started chatting with the thai ladies. And they said that cause thai ladies are pretty and I m pretty, therefore I look thai. Ha. I love this country can?!? Ha. yes. Let me be shallow!


My favourite things : My fav dog!

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I want to have a mini schnie one day!!

and I think I will stay home to take care of it. =P haha. cute enough to give up a career for right? 😉

I know the picture with me and chenwei is extremely blur. but chenwei will probably kill me cause the other clearer picture is not too glam. so yup.

AND I will also like to add that everyone looks better in real life! really really! *sincere smile*

Jerome is supposed to join us, but he’s too sick. actually we are quite a weird combination, 4 gals and a guy. so weird that no wonder someone started hallucinating that he is charlie, and sent messages like: “dear angels…’ ha.

Oh. I got cranky and cut my fringe myself on sunday night. so its back to bangs again. heh. not like the long swept aside fringe you can see at the header where I was in bangkok.

Was out Tuesday night with Noel, cause he will be off to HSBC Hong kong soon! this saturday morning in fact. I wish him all the luck. cause structuring will not be easy for an intern.

Anyway, we bumped into the guy who is behind the Barons’ beer advertisement. The abs that we are all secretly drooling at. ha. He happened to be the bunk mate of Noel. so yup. oh really wanted to take a picture of his abs, but not sure how to do that without appearing lecherous.=P

June 22, 2006

Salty fish Flips

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Thats me!


I climbed from the bottom (well almost bottom) of my company league. AND the only reason that I am not at the bottom is cause my colleague’s name starts with V and hence he is ranked lower than me, else we have the same points.

Now i m at the fourth place!! hahahaha.. wahhaaa. after yesterday’s matches. ha. and the match the day before. ha.

i feel so powerful!

After much discussion, the 2nd round goes like this:

The first round of World cup is ending soon and we will be starting a new second round of bet for the round of 16 all the way to the finals. There will be five different types of bets for the second round, four compulsory and one optional. The compulsory bets are:

1) Champion – Predict the world cup winner. This has to be done before the quarter final starts on the 30th June 2006. The winner of this bet wins five points.
2) Score – Enter your prediction for the number of goals scored by each team for 90 minutes only. An accurate prediction for each match wins you four points.
3) Total Goals – Enter your prediction for the total number of goals in each game for 90 minutes only. An accurate prediction wins you two points
4) Winner – Predict a winner for each match. An accurate prediction wins you one point.

This round of betting will still be S$10. Each of the bets from item 2 to 4 above will be closed on the match day at 6.00pm. Please ensure that you have entered your predications for the matches on time. Participants who missed the prediction closing time will be awarded zero points.

To allow more flexibility and to increase the chances of catching up with the leader in this game, we have started an optional bonus section for each match. There will be two types of bonus items:
1) Yellow card – Predict the first player to receive a yellow card in the match. The player can be from any of the two playing teams in the match.
2) Goal scorer – Predict the first player to score a goal in the match. The player can be from any of the two playing teams in the match.
Please note that each bet for the bonus will cost you S$1. The maximum amount of money you need to pay for bonus in a match is S$2 as there are two bonus items. Each correct prediction for the bonus item will earn you FOUR points! So, you can see that the bonus is a good way of catching up with the leader, we strongly encourage you to take part in the bonus section.

We treat soccer so seriously that we have an online betting system! ha. oh well. cant help it!

Some random pictures..

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Today I am not myself…



Yup. she is always the one with the polka dots.

Yesterday, I met up with Jiajing. and man. he slimmed down so much!! so people. running, gyming and eating healthy does WORK!!

June 21, 2006

Something to laugh about today!

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From mr brown

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