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May 29, 2006

French and English

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I realised that my english has deteriorated so badly that I couldnt even formulate a simple sentence!

For those who’ve caught my previous blog BEFORE I realised the mistake.

I wrote: I stood and watching puppies.. etc..

HOW attrocious!!!


Was studying the Saturday away. before puppy-watching.

I wonder if how many of you have the feeling of being an animal magnet?

Animals, especially dogs, like to get near me for some reason or another. (which is not always pleasant)

LIKE that stupid crow which pecked on my head!

Or that stupid monkey who grabbed my leg.

The hardest is that cutest little puppy who insisted on following me home. *AWWWW*

=( I wanted to keep him soooo much!

Anyway, on saturday, when I was happily eating at my favourite yakun. something snuggled up at my feet, making me jump slightly.

and look what I found.

A big fat cat. IN a shopping centre. OMG. where did it come from?


Was book browsing at the library and I saw these:

I think books for dummies are cute. though the french books for dummies are no use to me liao.


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