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May 27, 2006

Some things I have to get off my chest

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Some things I have to get off my chest, before I can concentrate 100%.

Haiz. see how easily I can get distracted?? =(

Anyway. I’ve got a question to ask you out there, something that has been bugging me since yesterday.

Ok, I am talking about funds first. For some relatively low risk investments.

Apparently its time to buy in India funds, cause it just plurged alot recently.

And apparently (again!), its due to the crash of the steel industry in india, when some main mergers failed. the mergers are to ‘fight’ against the competition from the european side.

Secondly, its a price adjustment, due to over-speculation recently. (I am sure some of you made quite a bit of $$?? 😉 )

My questions are:
1. How were the companies surviving before the merger? how were their performance like, against that of the european companies?

2. How strong is the European competition, and what obvious advantages/strategies do the indian companies have, looking in a long term basis?

I think this should predict whether the indian shares will pick up in a span of 6months. As I am looking at a short term investment.

Anyone has any wise words? or suggestions for a short term secure investment, other than fixed deposit (no thank you, thats the last resort).

Or is Japan better? cos they are doing quite well no?

I need answers!!


AND yup. I’ve sent my resume to the night safari.

Actually I am afraid that I will be deemed as over qualified. But heck. I’ll let the night safari people decide on that.

Again. I love my sis. For having a bf. I love her bf for having a brother. I love the brother for having a gf. I love the gf who has worked in night safari 😉

HA. I love the world! Just like Mother Theresa. haha. out of point. but i was reading on her yesterday. will blog on that the next time, before my blog gets too long again!!!


OH have a good weekend! Coz, I’m loving ya=)


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