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May 26, 2006

Time flies

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I remembered that for the last world cup. I was still the business manager.

And my sponsor gave me tons of world cup sheets to give away.

This time round, I don’t have any sponsors so no sheets/charts for you people. BUT. Here’s a soft copy 😉

Ha. coincidentally ice age came out also around world cup season. ha.

*sigh* last ice age, I too have tons of free tickets to give away for a private screening with GV.

this time, I caught ice age 2 last sunday. no free tickets though. *haiz*

hhahaha.. continue to be my friends ok????=P


So, the stripper plan has to be scrapped. Cause I couldn’t find any strippers. AND my partner in crime, Jimmy, who was in the entertainment industry, couldn’t find a stripper free today. I guess its too last minute notice already. Strippers are popular huh. ha. anyone thinking of changing lines? or doing some part time???=P


Going to watch Grease this Sunday! looking forward to it!

I caught Westside too. ha. I know, I was supposed to catch just one musical, so as not to overspend. BUT. according to Masters Card, the experience will be a priceless one! soo….. hahaha. u know.

I can forsee alot of spendings in the near future. SO, I think I will have to quickly invest and keep the money away from me for now!

To a certain hairy ourson in Paris,

I pray that your mum will be well soon. J’espere.



Gotta dig out my Korea’s ‘Be the Reds’ Tshirt!!

Cause I can use it for at least 3 matches no? =P hahahaha..

Butbut. I also bought the french jersey (ladies’ version) too hmmm….


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