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May 24, 2006

The stripper and the bachelorette party

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Hey peeps.

Am very proud of myself today. (blogging on my treo dearest) Cause I made some good progress at french. And it has been 1.5 weeks since i’ve done so, due to a certain depression.

so truthfully speaking. Progress was painfully slow, and slowly painful, for the past 10 days. Oh, I want to make up for the loss of the 10 precious days! Haiz.. a loss of 10 days in this crucial period is no good. Hmmm.. At least for a nerd like me!ha. So grounded, I shall continue to be! So, someone can stop asking me why I am not out on saturday/sunday. grrrr.. its kind of getting on my nerves! So much for carrot daggling, right under the nose of a hungry rabbit!!

But I will still go on with the things that I’ve committed to, before I’ve decided to ground myself lar.

SO! Last weekend. Other than a satisfying evening on friday with someone sweet.*winks* I went for the Mr Singapore manhunt competition on saturday!!

Supported dennis together with a strong team of 16 hunky dragonboaters, eileen and vera! my, I must say. We’ve grossly underestimated the men from the pictures!!!!! I swear!

Earlier I was like thinking, I could form my own manhunt amongst my group of friends, and they will still be of better quality than mr singapore manhunt. And man, am I wrong!

the men are all so freaking hunky. Ok. And a handful are cute AND HUNKY! *drools* too bad, vera’s favourite mr punggol couldn’t make it due to an accident. *sniff* take care mr punggol!

my friend is having her bachelorette party on friday, and I am thinking of sending a male stripper as a gift, cause i’ll be studying and will be absent. (stripper as in not really stripping, perhaps just the top or down to un pair of swimming trunks) She’s also my first gal friend getting married!

And I thought and I pondered. Who amongst my friends can fit to be a stripper? Surely all those in mr singapore manhunt can make the mark.

I realised. Those men are in mr singapore are really up to a certain mark. (please keep in mind that janine IS an extremely shallow person and i view the qualities of a male stripper the same as these needed for a manhunt participant)

the qualities needed are:
-various muscles in required areas
-shapely biceps and triceps
-8 or ar least 6 packs
-even tanned
-cute looking
-around 1.8m (plus/minus a little)
-able to walk and dance in style
-an acute sense of style (so that means you men with tucked in tshirts, faded light blue jeans, obvious comb marks, clear and obvious parting….i could go on and on. But probably chenwei can do a much better job pointing out the fashion mistakes that men make. Haha)

ok. That above points are already so difficult. So I pondered. I think I only know 2 men who has 8 packs. One is not taller enough, the other tall and cute one has since begun to consolidate has packs.

Then let’s lower our standards to 6 packs. keeping the other qualities. And a name floated into my mind.

I became excited and smsed this man if he would do a lap dance for my going-to-be-married friend. And this man called back and reprimanded me! Hahaha. Not really reprimand lar, since we are best of buds. Haha..

anyway I explained: no full monty required, and its just for fun and to gao xiao (make laughter). And finally this manhunt winner was considering my offer, BUT ALAS its his birthday on friday. So, out of the question. So. Haiz.

Next I casually posed this question to Jianlin, since he was asking me about my driving. Ha. I asked if he might want to play the stripper role. Ha, but this person prefers to treat my proposal as a joke. Heh. Haha. Oh well. I would love to post his picture here for u all to judge, but I think I might really get reprimanded this time round. :p (wun want to risk that!hahaha)

so! Anybody wants to apply? attractive pay!!

Or i’ll have to give up this incredible chance to make fun of my gal pal.

Ha. Ok lar. Just being playful here.


being someone who loves to multitask (or rather who must multitask). Other than doing my driving test on tuesday, I decided to increase my financial intelligence, and to invest intelligently.

So being a beginner still in this area, other than perhaps stocks. I decided to arrange meetings with various financial people in the afternoon.

on top of this, I asked noel to come along with me. Since we are supposed to ‘celebrate’ me getting my license. (which I didn’t get). And besides, I will not be able to afford his financial services in the future. I can’t even afford to employ him as an intern lor! Without graduating, he is costing close to 5 figure already. I feel so underpaid! Humpf. Okok. He already ‘hit’ my head for revealing his pay to lianshu already, so I will not elaborate here again. Hahaha.

Since both of us were in casual clothes. In dbs, the lady at the counter asked if I was above 18 when I was applying for a cpf investment account. Grrrrr….. And we met john, the number one performer from dbs, WHO again asked us for our age and commented that we look very young.

Haiz. Blame it on our baby faces. So sad! I want to look always 21yr old. NOT 15!!!!!


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