The girl who laughed too much, too loud

May 22, 2006

Pensant a l’avenir

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Thinking of the future.

I get depressed easily recently.

Probably my happiness level is dropping?

For I am usually easily the happiest people around?

Or if not, the one who laughs the most?

Someone once said, when we grow up, we forgot how to laugh. Hence adults laugh much much less then babies.

But I, for one, think that I maintained the same amount of laughter. haha. at least chenwei can vouch for that! haha. or many of you there. ha. chenwei thinks that I laugh more than an average baby. but ANYWAY. out of point again!

Now I just have to regain my happiness level.

According to chenwei, both of us are people with pretty high happiness level.

Probably its because we are easily entertained. and easily contented.

That chicken drumstick did make me a very happy girl for quite some time. ha. people whom I’ve met over the weekend were not spared of that story! hahaha.

my apologies, cant help but share my happiness. =)

Strangely, I found myself agreeing that its bad timing after all.

On retrospect its true.

I was given the choice of working in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Of course before being offered, I’ve always wanted to stay in Shanghai and New York, the 2 biggest cities of the world. so I guess the choice was an easy one to make.

(not that I do not want to stay in Europe. I do love Europe. its just that it has already became familiar to me after living there.)

Perhaps there is still alittle adventurous streak in me. I get bored easily.

For now I still do not have a good idea of what/where I want to be.

Straits Times did a good job on Saturday. Reminding me of my dream (dream AGAIN! YES YES I HAVE A MILLION DREAMS!) of becoming a tram ride guide at the night safari.

Then I thought. what is the career progression for that? Honestly I do not think I can do it everyday for more than 1 year. and if I get promoted into a tram ride guide manager. I will probably not enjoy the job anymore.

cause I WANT TO BE ON THE STUPID TRAM, I want to be the one spotting the animals and introducing the animals! ARGH!

And being practical. I think my earnings of around 1K as a tram ride guide is only able to support myself. what about my family? I need a capable husband! hahaha.

I want the feeling of working to be like.. living and doing the things that I do normally.

hence I reflected on my life. Hmmm..

I like making people smile. So I thought. Hospitality will be fine.

I like pretty things. Fashion will be good too. But no lar. ha

I like food. Perhaps I can be a supermarket buyer. hahah.

The possibilities are hitting me like crazy. okok. hospitality it is for now.

So perhaps the shanghai exposure will make cornell love me alittle more?;)

If I am going for masters, it’d better be a good one. I think. Good masters program want their candidates to be able to contribute different aspects and experiences to enrich their program.

But also. I am having second thoughts. what about love. ha.

its not difficult to make a choice between career and love. but what if there is no choice to make?


Also. staying in singapore means that I can intern(??) as a tram ride guide at the night safari! ha. yesyes. me and my animals.

I also want to study and get a great gmat grade.

I also want to learn japanese, as its essential for hospitality line I think. either Japanese or Korean. But still the japanese are the big customers of hospitality!

I also want to take up a short tour guide course to test out to be a tour guide. (I like to talk!)

I think I have to be less stingy and be willing to spend more flying back home more often if I were to relocated again.

(I was super giam when I was in Europe lor! haha. Busy travelling in europe.=P *guilty*)

YESYES. To be less stingy. ha.

So I guess its decided. for shanghai. is it?


People worry not for me.

I get alot of love and support everywhere. =)

Special thanks to Someone who willingly came and study with boring me.=)

I really NEED to study.


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