The girl who laughed too much, too loud

May 19, 2006


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Sometime ago.

Someone gave me a book to record all my blessings.

I loved the book alot. And I have always felt blessed in many ways. So I was happy to write my blessings in the book=)

How about blogging out my blessings I thought? at least I do not have to make duplicated entries *winks*

I think recording down your blessings is actually a very meaningful, therapatic and self healing process. don’t you all agree?

Anyhow, anyway.

Yesterday was another extremely busy day. Anyway, the dates of my blog are all inaccurate. cos I only mostly blog in the weekday mornings.*cough*

Work ended late at the client’s place, and I headed off for my driving lessons.

Eekiat suggested that I could have my dinner at the coffeeshop next to ubi. But when I got there at 8pm. It was closed! and people were already mopping the floors. *sobs*


So I saw that the auntie at the fruit stall is still there chatting. I went to buy 2 bananas for dinner. (else I doubt I can drive!!)

I was like chatting with her while buying, that I had to buy the bananas as my dinner.

That kindest auntie offered me a drumstick (the big one, + thigh) that she got from the malay stall. Free.


Really its my first time at this coffeeshop. and her kindness is just incredible!

People are always so sweet and nice to me. Thats partly the reason why some people think that I live in the ideal world. (the other reason is to poke fun at me.GRRRR..hhaa)

Really I am so so so blessed.

Thanks you all reading in my dear blog. I appreciate and love you all.

click to enlarge

Turns out. dinner was great. and delicious. and higly satisfying!=)


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