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May 17, 2006

Peihan makes a new discovery

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An amazing discovery over the weekend.

I wonder how many of you all are as cliche as me?

Ordering the SAME thing each and every time you eat in a particular restaurant.

For this one thing has been serving your stomache and taste buds so well.

That satisfication prevents me to check out the other possible yummy foods otherwise available in the menu.

But the fear of eating something that doesn’t give the same level of satisfication, retains me from venturing to something new. And at the same time. I am extremely happy and contented with my old love.=)


Anyway. Last friday night.

After so so long eating just the kaya toast from yakun.

I realised.

The cheesy toast is sooooooo much betta!!!!!!!!! ARGH.

and I am in love. *blush*


Work has been super stressful recently.

Yesterday I had such a short short time to solve a problem that I blashed music into my ears (which I very very rarely do, I think the last time was years and years ago!) and concentrated 101%.

I felt that I am back to those days when I was nerdy enough to represent my school in various programming competitions. HAHHAHAA>. bet u all dunno that!

But I am a sprinter, not a marathon runner. I think I might be running out of steam for work soon……hmmmm.

I need a BREAK!


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