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May 15, 2006

When I almost want to give up..

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A recent event caused me a certain amount of pain and a fair amount of tears.

So much so that. even Cleo magazine which I bought yesterday night isn’t able to cheer up a bimbotic me.

Seriously I am no longer interested in things like: how to achieve that STUPID FREAKING look. hahaa.

I did not even do any real skin care for the day. which I am usually a skin care freak.

I even accidentally cut myself.

Today I went to work. wearing what I usually term as rags. without makeup and with my nerd specs.

And I came and found that my secret little friend left me something absolutely adorable on my laptop!

I got reminded. The goodness in the world. The love that is around. My dear friends. Especially chenwei and lianshu who painstakingly nagged and nagged at me. And also the little voice from far far away.

Trust in love. and I will pick myself up again=)


My secret little friend is Sabbie. We have this little habit of surprising each other after I dropped a home grown sunflower on her desk the other time;) (time to do my part!)


OH btw!

I want to learn photoshop!

I want to edit my pictures more professionally!!!!


For now I am stuck with dear old paint. which is totally very lousy lor!! can’t even adjust the brightness! also the pictures’ quality became worst after editing. DUH!


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