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May 11, 2006

Last weekend

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Caught Mission Impossible Three last weekend. Ha. As Mr Brown said. It seems to be the election movie.=P

I had to work on monday (still feeling sore about it!!), so the weekend is no different for me. Doing my best to mug for my French exams that are approaching. Reducing my social events to a close zero : meaning not to add on any more social events on top of the existing ones. I still mug at my favourite Pasir Ris, or wherever ulu-er the better! =)

Back to MI3. the only thing really impossible is…. Tom cruise’s chinese! I did not really realise that he is speaking chinese. til some seconds later!

I was doing my best to pick up the Italian spoken though. from my private limited knowledge. heh. (a beginners’ course onboard our dearest SQ)

Dinner was with Alex, Erwin and Joanne. It was supposed to be with Dave, he had to work very OT(fais des heures supplementaires). But anyway.

Sidenote: decided to consolidate my pictures, cos someone grumpy complained that I have too many photos. HAHAHHA. SO, I am not going to force people to view my pictures. But if u are REALLY REALLY interested and dying to see my pictures, u can click on the picture to see the enlarged version. the words will be clear then=)hahahaa;P

Also forgot to consult Joanne and Alex on some money matters. *getting older and older by the day!*

Perhaps its better done when Dave is there.

Had dessert at NYDC. The cakes are great great great! Even for a non-cake fan like me! =P I mean. I do not usually get cravings for cake.

A small small episode happened at NYDC. But anyway. I am more than happy to frequent NYDC if I get a cute outlet supervisor to serve me like a princess again. HAHHAA =P


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