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May 10, 2006

I wonder…

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There’s this nagging thought at the back of my head.

I am not sure if it is true. But.

Living in a private housing is equivalent to the almost guaranteed exemption from voting every year? (we will be mostly, not all, but the majority of us will go under ‘walked over’-ed GRC)

Though I am not sure if it is true. NOT SURE OK? ha. I applaud this strategy though. Cause the estate renewal package crap. and lift upgrading doesnt work on us.

I wonder if people realise where the funds (that the PAP have to do all the upgrading) come from?

I wonder if your heart aches when your tax dollars is used as ‘baits’ for more votes for certain people?

I wonder how nice life will be, if I had a high paying (close to 5 figure) part-time job?

I wonder how many of the new comers of this election will actually get in, if they were to stand on their own, instead of depending on the might and popularity of the big 3?

I wonder if our government still loves us if we do not agree with them, sometimes? *doey-eyes* (I love you u know??)

I want to vote! I want to do my part as a singaporean! But as long as I am living where I am living. ha. it will be fat hope.


Was going home with Huihui and Sun yesterday.

AND good gracious. The man that shifted his seat, so that we could sit togther is….

*drums roll*


He was so freaking decent looking that I can’t recognise him.

ok. not very very decent. but u know. black hair, the messy kind of look which everyone is spotting now.

BUT its daniel leh!

He is one of those with the longest head, and almost blonde somemore back in varsity days!

anyway!!! it was nice bumping into him in such a way.

Then I realised. alot of people are going into banking.

I can’t say for myself that I am not tempted at all. I mean.. with that fat paycheck, who isnt!?!?!!??!

But I have resolved that. Money is not that important. Happiness and personal fulfillment is more essential to me. yup!


So its still hospitality for now!

Bumped into another old dhs schoolmate when going for french lessons. hiya! I so feel like kicking myself for not putting on makeup today!!! I totally forgot that its a small small world for me!ARGH! but i must focus on my outcome! I am treating my pimple intensively today!


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