The girl who laughed too much, too loud

May 9, 2006

The smooth criminal

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Well well..

After squandering money on shoes. One has little left for other necessities.

Like a shoe rack??!!?


So. we have to strive to be innovative and creative no? =P

SO SO SO. (alors alors alors)

i did this once in Febuary and again just.


(Lovely shoes!!!no? I will introduce them one by one soon! and will also pack them nicely too.)

I was walking past the Cheers at the Kembangan MRT. and I saw the discarded promotion display rack, made of cardboard. and voila! I do not understand why or how. They ended up in my house!


Don’t we all love fererro rocher, AND Lays???? =P

My dad was laughing his head off, cause he couldn’t believe what I did hahaha..I seek to amaze/shock no? *think the previous bimbotic post*

I think I feel the need to share King Kong jokes with you peeps! So now for the starters (I always ask these 2 questions as warm up.haha):

What is the wife of King kong called?

What is the favourite vegetable of King kong?

TATA peeps!=)

(gotta TRY to complete my french homework before lessons!!!)


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