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May 4, 2006

Determination VS Stubbornness

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headache again.

Wow. Yesterday is e first time I worked late, since I came back from Paris. Oh well. There’s work to be done. SO.

Actually I would rather come back to work on saturday or sunday. Cause I will be able to ‘earn’ extra day offs for those days!! I prefer so much to take offs as and when I want, but sadly I do not have so many holidays to boost.


Bid farewell to daddy dearest this morning before going to work.

I did not know what more I could do for him, except to take care of home matters and provide support for his local business matters. From the meeting we did yesterday night.

I ran up and handed him my facial toner. And hugged him and left.

I remembered him recommending the facial toner to mummy. It must be that he liked the massage I gave him some time ago?

Ha. Some of you might know that I am mad about this facial toner of mine. Seriously, it relaxes me and helps with my headache to a big extend!

Oh well. I will just have to fanatically look for another one SOONEST!



Was on the train and I overheard this conversation.

Girl A: why don’t you come to church with me?
girl B: no.
A: just once
B: no.
A: just come and see?
B: no.

A: why are u so close minded and blocking the chance to get to know god?

(at this point of time, I was thinking if girl B can’t think fast enough, she might need to give in to peer pressure.)

But B did not disappoint me, she replied.

B: Why don’t you come to the temple with me?

Girl A’s face changed and said.

A: No. *looking down*

I guess A finally had the taste of her own medicine.


This is hardly a religious kind of debate.

I wonder.

How many times have we tried to impose our views upon others. Thinking that it is for the good of the recipent.

And with this in mind, I wonder if you could realise how easily we could be blind to what that person thinks/feels, or what this person wants to put across to us.

Precisely because all we can focus and think about is that, what we are doing is right, and what we are convincing/persuading/even pushing onto that person, is for that person’s own good.

No doubt. I do not doubt the positive intention there.

But don’t you think that there might be a slightest possibility that we might be wrong?

We could say it nicely and attribute it to determination. or in the bad way, stubbornness. or pushy. nicely, not selling that person out.

(in the case, which is not a good case. but lets take christianity as IDEA A, and taoism as IDEA B. People believing in A are not opened to the possibility that Idea B could be right, in fact, how much do they REALLY actually know about B? Yet they want to push their idea A onto people? Similarly, people in B are not actually very willing to learn all about idea A. HA the small difference here is that they do not push their ideas onto People A. ha)

OK, dun wack me. but I just think that people should seriously learn to be more open to things, more acceptive and receptive. I am learning to do so too. especially when I am often on the receiving end…be it some MLM, what to do, religion, even what kind of men should I settle down with!

We all know that parents are very prone to doing this. Now the question is, do we do it too ourselves?

If we do not like it to be done to us. why do it to others?

of course it works the other way.

How many times have you ‘pretended’ to be listening and yet, deep inside you know (cause of your stubbornness/integrity/etc hahha) that that person is wrong, and you are right?

well. people are not receptive enough sometimes.

Just look at the wars around. or ‘debates’, since its the elections, we get plenty of these.

I think if people are able to be more open minded and receptive AND acceptive. The world will be a better world.

SO, let’s make the world a better world, shall we? *smiles*


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