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May 3, 2006

The Toughest 100metres

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Today morning. As usual. was walking from Orchard MRT to wheelock.

THEN. this is one of the days where the curry puff seller is there.

MAN. its the toughest 100metres Peihan has ever encountered.

To buy or not to buy

Your answer:

*worries for my waistline* ='( hahaha

*stressed* total undesirableness!!!!!!
The long weekend just flew away!

And I am not sure that I am extremely happy the way I’ve spent it.

Anyway. but no complaints. especially daddy dearest is flying off tomorrow. SO. 0.5+1+0.5 = 2 days of the 3 days for the long weekend is dedicated to mum and him.

The rest of the days. Saturday, the family had lunch at Sakae sushi. cause dad has the craving, besides, parkway is having their Crazy sale!!! Did not have much time to shop!SO SAD!!!!!=(

I wonder why is this british chick looking so sian. ha.

BUT that is not important, now that Sakae has tepanyakki! I did not know that!

but bought a gorgeous top. however I realised I forgot about GG5! how can I not shop in GG5 when there is a 20% sale! OMG. I have sinned. HAHAHAA..

Was bitching *cough* chitting, with Huihui yesterday. No lar, xf. those kind of girlfriends will get insecure no matter how the other lady looks like. We agreed that it shows blatantly her lack of class. apparently insecure little girls are everywhere.


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