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May 29, 2006

French and English

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I realised that my english has deteriorated so badly that I couldnt even formulate a simple sentence!

For those who’ve caught my previous blog BEFORE I realised the mistake.

I wrote: I stood and watching puppies.. etc..

HOW attrocious!!!


Was studying the Saturday away. before puppy-watching.

I wonder if how many of you have the feeling of being an animal magnet?

Animals, especially dogs, like to get near me for some reason or another. (which is not always pleasant)

LIKE that stupid crow which pecked on my head!

Or that stupid monkey who grabbed my leg.

The hardest is that cutest little puppy who insisted on following me home. *AWWWW*

=( I wanted to keep him soooo much!

Anyway, on saturday, when I was happily eating at my favourite yakun. something snuggled up at my feet, making me jump slightly.

and look what I found.

A big fat cat. IN a shopping centre. OMG. where did it come from?


Was book browsing at the library and I saw these:

I think books for dummies are cute. though the french books for dummies are no use to me liao.


May 28, 2006

Destressers two

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Did something therapautic on saturday.

I stood and watched puppies play. =)

Une production d’ecrite encore

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Mes notes: C’est difficile de faire les elaborations!!! =(

donc ce n’est pas aussi bon que la derniere production

Comment connaître et comprendre la culture d’un autre pays ?

Chaque pays a une culture différente. Ici, je voudrais donner mon point de vue sur comment connaître et comprendre la culture d’un autre pays.

A mon avis, la première étape est d’apprendre la langue du pays. Presque tous les pays ont une langue particulière. Même si quelques pays partagent la même langue, la farçon de parler et l’accent peut être très diffèrente. Souvent, l’utilisation de quelques mot ou phrase peut varier. La culture et la farçon de la vie effectuent la langue au sens large. Dans le cas de mon pays Singapour, bien que la langue nationelle est l’anglais et on utilise l’anglais pur partout. Mais à cause de la culture singapourienne, l’anglais qu’on parle « dans la rue » ou avec des amis est « l’anglais singapourien ». C’est quoi « l’anglais singapourien » ? Il est l’anglais avec les influences des autres langues locales, comme le malai, le tamil et les dialects chinois comme hokien et cantonais. En plus la langue est un miroir de la culture. Par exemple dans la culture chinois, il faut appeler les parents par rapport de ses anciennetés. Et à cause de cette tradition particulière, on peut trouver les mots spéciaux dans le langue chinois. Par exemple, les mots ‘da jiu’ veut dire le frère le plus grand de votre mère.

La deuxième étape est d’étudier la histoire du pays. La culture vient de l’histoire, donc l’histoire vous permet de faire comprendre la culture du pays.

Ensuite, pour connaître un culture au niveau personel, c’est mieux de faire connaisance avec les gens qui vient du pays. Vous serez étonné par les renseignements que vos nouveaux amis peut vous offrir.

Denièrement, il faut faire visiter le pays de connaître et comprendre la culture de première main. Il n’ y a jamais une meilleur façon de connaître un culture que vous vous décourvir vous-même.

May 27, 2006

Some things I have to get off my chest

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Some things I have to get off my chest, before I can concentrate 100%.

Haiz. see how easily I can get distracted?? =(

Anyway. I’ve got a question to ask you out there, something that has been bugging me since yesterday.

Ok, I am talking about funds first. For some relatively low risk investments.

Apparently its time to buy in India funds, cause it just plurged alot recently.

And apparently (again!), its due to the crash of the steel industry in india, when some main mergers failed. the mergers are to ‘fight’ against the competition from the european side.

Secondly, its a price adjustment, due to over-speculation recently. (I am sure some of you made quite a bit of $$?? 😉 )

My questions are:
1. How were the companies surviving before the merger? how were their performance like, against that of the european companies?

2. How strong is the European competition, and what obvious advantages/strategies do the indian companies have, looking in a long term basis?

I think this should predict whether the indian shares will pick up in a span of 6months. As I am looking at a short term investment.

Anyone has any wise words? or suggestions for a short term secure investment, other than fixed deposit (no thank you, thats the last resort).

Or is Japan better? cos they are doing quite well no?

I need answers!!


AND yup. I’ve sent my resume to the night safari.

Actually I am afraid that I will be deemed as over qualified. But heck. I’ll let the night safari people decide on that.

Again. I love my sis. For having a bf. I love her bf for having a brother. I love the brother for having a gf. I love the gf who has worked in night safari 😉

HA. I love the world! Just like Mother Theresa. haha. out of point. but i was reading on her yesterday. will blog on that the next time, before my blog gets too long again!!!


OH have a good weekend! Coz, I’m loving ya=)

May 26, 2006

Time flies

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I remembered that for the last world cup. I was still the business manager.

And my sponsor gave me tons of world cup sheets to give away.

This time round, I don’t have any sponsors so no sheets/charts for you people. BUT. Here’s a soft copy 😉

Ha. coincidentally ice age came out also around world cup season. ha.

*sigh* last ice age, I too have tons of free tickets to give away for a private screening with GV.

this time, I caught ice age 2 last sunday. no free tickets though. *haiz*

hhahaha.. continue to be my friends ok????=P


So, the stripper plan has to be scrapped. Cause I couldn’t find any strippers. AND my partner in crime, Jimmy, who was in the entertainment industry, couldn’t find a stripper free today. I guess its too last minute notice already. Strippers are popular huh. ha. anyone thinking of changing lines? or doing some part time???=P


Going to watch Grease this Sunday! looking forward to it!

I caught Westside too. ha. I know, I was supposed to catch just one musical, so as not to overspend. BUT. according to Masters Card, the experience will be a priceless one! soo….. hahaha. u know.

I can forsee alot of spendings in the near future. SO, I think I will have to quickly invest and keep the money away from me for now!

To a certain hairy ourson in Paris,

I pray that your mum will be well soon. J’espere.



Gotta dig out my Korea’s ‘Be the Reds’ Tshirt!!

Cause I can use it for at least 3 matches no? =P hahahaha..

Butbut. I also bought the french jersey (ladies’ version) too hmmm….

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