The girl who laughed too much, too loud

April 28, 2006

Now seriously

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Seriously, do I look as if I might remotely fall for someone like your boyfriend/fiance?

Please give me a plastic bag, cause I so feel like vomitting.

As much as I am soooooo enjoying the ‘its-a-small-world’ effect in Singapore! well I guess the older you grow the more people you will know, right?

So, yesterday Meiyi smsed and said: HEY peihan I thought I saw you! are u at XXXXXX.

AND YES! its me! ha.=)

Really havent seen Meiyi in a long long while! hmm. time to catch up with her!

This morning, I saw Eric. =) and we exchanged numbers. He just happened to be in Orchard for a conference.

And this reminded me of an incident some time back.

You know, I met this guy with his fiancee. and I was thinking, since he works in Orchard, perhaps he could join in my group of lunch khakis.

and so, excitedly (cause I am happy with the its-a-small-world thingy) I left him my number and said perhaps we could have lunch someday. AND this stupid guy looked at his fiancee. and she gave a DISAPPROVING look. and he looked back and said, oh my office is shifting in a few months’ time.

I was like thinking. so what?

ARGH. and he was supposed to sms me so that I can have his number. which he DID NOT.

FIRSTLY. Its not that I super GIAN to eat lunch/have any contact with him. I like to eat with a variety of people. thats all. I am perhaps someone who might die if my social circle is less than 100 or so.

IF I were so GIAN to eat with him. we are in the same university for FOUR years. how come I havent eaten with him before?!?!??!(pass me another plastic bag PLEASE NOW!)

Oh god. I don’t think we even spoke more than twice before!

And at this moment. It might not seem to be too guo4fen4 by revealing that I DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIS NAME. not that I forgot his name. I never once knew. and of course *flips hair* he addressed me by my name. And he even asked if I am with this guy from sce. oh man, I have to stop being so gossip-worthy!

Sorry people to make you all read my anger. I am really feeling very indignant. LIKE WHAT THE HECK!???!?!??!

Please lar. I have better choices out there.

Please gals, PLEASE. believe me. I am not a wee bit interested in your bfs/fiances.


PS: I just can’t stand those stupid women who think the world of their guy. I suppose. Its good for the relationship. But. well. Still feeling freaking angry and insulted. I have taste one ok? =P HAHAHA. (though some readers might not agree. HAHHA) Come on, deal with your insecurities first.

*note. this is not a serious post. just rambling and letting out some grumbles for the morning*

on a different note:

Peihan loves lunch again! ha

Yesterday my lunch was a fabulous spread of ramen and side dishes.

Noel dearest was in town!


I call it graffitti!

But to be specific. what my friend said about noel is: he will get laid like a rockstar.

so yup.

Noel was wondering how my brains works, cause as I was eating, I was telling King Kong jokes, and coming up with my own continuously. ha!


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