The girl who laughed too much, too loud

April 24, 2006

Chip n Dale.

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Really adorable, they are. But I never believed in playing those stupid UFO catchers arcade machines. erhmmm.. let me change my statement alittle. I just remembered I did play it, or rather someone played it to get a certain adorable stuff toy for me.. heh.

BUT that is different mar. because, I was (1)young, (2)silly, (3)spoilt, (4)the person playing it is an ultimate expert in most arcade games.

I was looking at this young couple playing this stupid game. and smiled to myself.


The weekend was burnt learning studying skills, and YES people. I am finally an offical coach for children=) happy.

In fact. The strange thing is.

The one thing I really enjoyed from these 2 days is… the exam! ha. really. I realised how much I missed studying and scoring haha. yeah yeah. me and my ego.

I think that alot of the studying skills are already innate skills of some people around me. especially those scary freaks from my secondary schools. That is why we tend to be able to learn faster, and be more academically inclined than others.

anyway. I look forward to the kids’ camp!=)


the international film fest is here. anyone catching any shows?

Looking at my schedule. I doubt I will be able to..=(

anw. visit:

I would want to catch the one from france, the Love story(singapore/hong kong), …. blah blah blah..


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