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April 21, 2006


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I woke up at 5am today to study, but couldnt study.

SO I got to work early instead.

And here I am. I am deciding to upload some pictures that were supposed to be uploaded long ago.=)

Each christmas, there will be Christmas pasar malams everywhere (a more glam way to say it is: Marche de Noel, but we don’t care, do we? =P)

Anyway. These pasar malams are very very pretty! and the ambience is amazing! So let me start with the most famous pasar malam. in STRASBOURG! here we go!=) (Strasbourg is a very charming place bordering france and germany)

What never fails to amaze me is that. The christmas trees and other decorative items are actually REAL! hahha. ok. I am a tropical person inside-out. and still after seeing sooo many christmas trees around. I still have the urge to reach out my itchy hand to feel if the tree is real ha.

Its really amazing for me at least. to see christmas decorative plants growing around. Like the plant with the red fruits in the centre? There are plenty of them growing just opposite the Carrefour supermarket very near to my home.=)

Happy! ha. and of course. I couldnt help but to reach out to verify how real they are. Cause still. its unbelieveable. and the scene is unbelieveably pretty=)

They were having this little adidas soccerball giveaway thingy. AND I want one too!!=( ha. but did not manage to get one, probably because I am too short to compete with the French giants there. 😥 haha.

I loved the feeling of Strasbourg! The streets are soo soo pretty!

And since it is not cosmopolitan like Paris. Its really like a traditionally charming little place. Not quite a city. I know i know. I might be bored to tears if I were to live there. But still! nice for holidays=)

The main cathedral in Strasbourg

Christmas market by the night..=)

It was too freaking cold that we all began drinking lots of wine. The festival christmas wine of course! Vin chaud. Its available truly everywhere.

Darwin is our lightning expert. really. not joking. this guy is finishing his PHD on lightnings.

Oooh. I LOVE this candy shop lor!!!=)

The moon from the view of Strasbourg..

In the cathedral:

And there is an astrological clock in the church! If you have seen the very very charming one in Prague, Czech. This one is nice too. (prague one is nicer though. haha)

But I love astrological clocks=)


We are losing sunlight really fast, cause its winter time. =(

Fancy having such a pretty roof top?

There are hawkers still something like the chestnut that you see on the streets of singapore (gao luck?) I thought it is cute, so I took a picture. (bad hair btw)

Although I am no christian. I am in love with christmas all the same.

Its too pretty not to fall in love, no? 😉


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