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April 20, 2006

Review: Omu rice

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The eve of the long weekend. Lunch was with derek.

Seriously I wonder how am I able to tolerate this strange manhunt winner for sooooo long. ha.

He was convincing me that the act of Ix shen by recommending i-Gallop to Jacelyn Tay, is too too gay. Even for an metrosexual like him. HA. really. I do not find anything wrong with riding horses as a sport. one thing for sure, prince charming on a white horse is never gay!

hahaha. anyway.

Let me do a public service announcement: you can join logic 9 national soduku competition and win an i-Gallop.

ha. I do not even know what is a soduku. Its something to do with numbers and boxes that is all I know!

I wanted eat the omu rice, just to compare the omu rice that I have done in Paris for a soiree. I did omu rice and twisted it abit to add a little thai flavour, so I used the thai sweet chilli sauce instead of the ketchup sauce. and it was served with sweet and sour pork done by Sq.

Anyway. The below picture is for the benefit of the people who have not seen a traditional omu rice before.=) *hints*

This is what I had. Prawns and cream sauce with Omu rice.

This is what Derek had. some beef thing.

We ate half of eat so that we could have the maximum of the variety.=)

I shall not go on and elaborate how much I love my lunch times. haha=P (cause I have done it before)

Today will be meeting ah-tong for lunch. At the same time I can do some research on Hospitality, as some of you might know. I am interested in that. For the moment. Thanks to sissy who reminded me that I have to speak to people in that industry and do my homework first, before jumping into that masters…

*feeling blessed*


PS: while waiting for derek. I went to the legendary hush hush and bought this:

A papillon bag with lovely four-leaved clover motifs!!! in light gold/champagne colour. *happy*

Thank god the sale is still on, and hence the stuff are really really worth buying!


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