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April 18, 2006

Musical Fetish

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This is exactly what I am suffering from!!! (people who are not interested in musicals might get bored! don’t say I did not warn you all!!!)

Thanks Aileen for offering her tix for west side next wednesday. she’s really sweet. But I have plans with someone important=)

Anyway. If west side story isn’t enough to drive me into a musical frenzy. ONE WHOLE DAY of repeating this Notre Dame de Paris sure did the job!

It just reminds me of the days I made time for this show on TV (which is rare rare rare, cos I seldom watch TV), its like the american idol, but the participants are auditioning to be in a grand finale musical in the end.

AND of course, Michel Fugain is my favourite song writer. erhm. my favourite french song writer. His musicals are nice! I love Chante la vie!

WHICH brought me to google for this song that I have been thinking of for the longest time!!!!!

something something…. “mais je t’adore”

I tried searching for it before, to no avail. so this time round I searched together with Fugain’s name, and realised! It is not written by Fugain. Instead its by Kyo. a french group. The title is “le chemin”

ooh. i know its really silly to paste lyrics in blogs, but please allow me to do so! I am so excited. I think I might want to buy Kyo’s cd, since I cant download. don’t want to risk my bright and shinning future ahead! hahahaaa.

Musiikki – Sanat: Kyo “Le chemin” (2003)
Lähettäjä: Webmaster | Lähetetty: Syyskuu 29, 2003 – 11:53 AM

Regarde-toi assise dans l’ombre
A la lueur de nos mensonges
Une main glacée jusqu’à l’ongle

Regarde toi à l’autre pôle
Fermer les yeux sur ce qui nous ronge
On a changé à la longue

On a parcouru les chemins
On a tenu la distance
Et je te hais de tout mon corps
Mais je t’adore
On a parcouru les chemins
On a souffert en silence
Et je te hais de tout mon corps
Mais je t’adore encore

Je vis dans une maison de verre
A moitié rempli de ton eau
Sans s’arrêter le niveau monte

Je suis le fantôme qui s’égare
Je suis étranger à ton coeur
Seulement regarde comme on est seul

{au Refrain, x4}


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