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April 18, 2006

Long weekend! yay

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Last weekend was a long weekend. So I took the chance to… overexert myself. Haha.

Thursday night was dinner with aloy. haven’t met this guy in ages! I was almost drowned in his huge commando ego. What’s up with those commandos har?!? Hahahha.. oops. *cough*

But being a good listener as I am. I endured tales of some nagivating thingy, and comparsion of a commando’s abillity vs ‘normal’ people. That was BEFORE I trashed him in otello. Really I din want to play, cause aloy has forgotten almost all rules of otello. And I did not want to trash him. Hahaha. (i wonder whose ego is bigger!:p) but anyway, he wanted to get trashed..*cough*, I mean he wanted to play. So I trashed him twice ha. With me occupying all of the corners (if you know what I mean.ha)

anyway, after that. I headed home, put on PJ kind of clothes and made my way towards kembangan mrt.

Jl, yvonne and me were picked up by vera and jimmy on the cab. We actually pressured the poor uncle to allow 5 passengers. Feeling kind of guilty about it, cause that uncle could risk his license revoked. I wouldn’t do it again!

so off we went for our night long majong session! A multi-tasker that I am, I brought my numerous creams, masks, nail filer and polish. Ooo.. Not forgetting my face toner! which caused me to be the butt of jokes AGAIN! grr..

So. After the first round. We thank our supper sponsors (jimmy, jl and yvonne) for the delicious bah chow mee from Block 85 (of course!!!!!). ha. and back we went for round two!

Since me and yvonne were on winning streaks. by the time of the west wind (what a way to describe, well. ha), it was already almost 8am I reckon? so we stopped and head to Macdonalds for breakfast!

I crawled home at 11am++,and slept til…. 5pm, and woke up to study.=)

That is cause I know I have no time for the next 2 days to study, and my exams are approaching. SOON!



so saturday and sunday were spent on coach training. 9am-11pm+ around that.

Saturday after training, I headed off to Eldhi dearest’s birthday party. (don’t ask me how I found the energy!! I am pushing my limits!)

Eldhi opening her presents.

Everyone is there!=) its amazing to be surrounded by these crazy people again. all of them were wet from being thrown into the swimming pool! and all came and hug me, so that I could get as wet as them. ARGH! hahaha.

Glad to see everyone again. love them! but also super duper tired. really.

And thanks to xianfeng for fetching me home. =)

Today. Blur me forgot to bring my french stuff along with me.=(

BUT i remembered to bring this CD that I bought from Paris. so happy!

So at least I am listening to some french no? hahahaaa. what comfort!

I was hooked to Roi de Soleil and did not move my attention to Notre dame de paris, because I have already watched the musical. The cheorography was GREAT!!! the stage setup wasn’t good. music was great!! but it was the cheorography that impressed me so! And it was great to see the musical in the place where the church is there! ha. I miss Notre dame already! ah paris.

SO here.

I bought it from fnac.

The packaging is in a box. I like!

It comes with a hard cover book, and 2 CDs. =)


PS: quite sad that I will not be going for the westside musical.. cause I was thinking I would rather buy THAT bag that I wanted instead. nevermind, I will buy the CD. also, I priortised and decided to choose between that and grease. and I decided to go for grease instead, cause its a MUST WATCH!=) ha. poverty. ahahahahaa. =P *cough*


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