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April 17, 2006

A lil break and some updates

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Yup. Working til my head is almost breaking.

Wow. I think its extremely rare, cause I seldom hit this limit.

SO anw. some updates.

the week earlier, was the Qing ming period. So daddy dearest was back to pay respects to our ancestors.

There were alot alot of people at the temple where our ancestors are ‘staying’.

Thought it was disrespectful to take pictures of the interior of the temple so I did not. But look. there were really alot of people!

and daddy was commenting. wah so ri4 nao4!

HA. and he was slammed by me and mummy. cos ri4 hao4 is for joyous occasions where there are noises and people everywhere.

In this case, there were only people. but the atmosphere was quiet and solemn.

Mummy, the most health concious one. Packed a set of fruits to pay respect, on top of the vegetarian meals that we bought.

We have to eat fruits of 7 colours each day, says mummy.


Looking at grandma’s fading photo on her altar.

My tears flooded.

I miss you alot mah mah. please learn how to fight and take care of yourself….


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