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April 13, 2006

Toys please tell me go!!

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Went shopping with chenwei after a quick lunch.

So toys it is. the one at wheelock.

THEN I came face to face with this:

Ok the picture isn’t too clear. BUT these are the characters from the my melody vending machine!! so angry! If I knew this exists, I would not have wasted my $$$ and sweat and blood in that stupid vending machine at Tampines. where I have to turn like.. I don’t know how many stupid other toys, before I got the sheep(my melody’s friend)!! grrr..

I didn’t even get melody lor! so indignant.


Chip n Dale. hmmm.. reminds me of someone..

I was soo dazed by all the amazing toys that they have!!

Look! focus on th cinnamoroll ones please! see? each cinnamoroll is sitting in a truck and each truck(??) can be connected to other trucks!

AND each truck serves a different purpose. Like there is one for colour pencils.. etc.

SO anyway. These really tugged at my heart. So I ended up with this.


HELP! I am a big girl now. Please don’t tempt me with toys again! argh!

Will do my best to resist the next time! (what next time???=P)


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  1. Actually I have the melody one. I was lucky the other day to have gotten it at my 1st try.

    U want? I can sell u at $1. haha. Kidding.
    I can gif u if u r collecting.

    Comment by Jules — April 16, 2006 @ 2:07 pm

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