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April 11, 2006

Never offend women.

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I heard this quote from someone on Sunday night. And I turned to this person, and said, no mah, men are also as bad.

It turns out. Women can be scary.

No lar. not scary in my opinion. cause I seriously think that women should stand together!! All for one, and one for all!! YAY!

anyway. I’ve got the following through email. by uncle wesley.


3am, Ring Ring!
Me: Hello.
Girl: Are you Huishan? I am Zet girlfriend.
Me *groggily*: Huh? Yeah right, who are you?
Girl: I am Zet girlfriend!
Me *what the hell, get up*: All right, who are you and what do you want?
Girl: I am Jaclyn. I am calling you regarding Zet. I am his girlfriend.

I sensed the urgent in her voice, so I got up and spoke to her. Somehow, the confrontation conversation didnt come as a shock to me. More or less, I guess my sub-conscience had saw it coming. Apparently, (and I was right all along) Zet (the person whom I believed trusted and loved) has a girlfriend outside all along. All along, I had suspected I am the third party. Even when obvious signs such as his lack of company, his non-commitments, his actions, I over looked them and trusted his every words.

Every night, he tells me he is at work, playing mahjong or meeting clients. Every night I cant contact him! He is uncontactable. No matter how many times I ring him, there are no answers. I had thought and suspected he is out with another girl. Every night, he will call me at 1 or 2am, telling me he just reached home, is very very tired from work. Apparently, he is just lying. He is out with Jaclyn every night. Jaclyn told me they were together every night, meeting as early as 7pm.
Everything Zet had told me were all packs of lies. Once, I discovered he bought a necklace. When I asked him about it, he told me its for research. I trusted him. Found out, it&#8217s a gift for Jaclyn for valentine day.

I gave him a bottle of *I love You* sweets. He recycled them and gave them to Jaclyn as their 1st month anniversary gift.

Jaclyn asked me, haven I suspect anything all along? Ever since even Valentine Day he wasnt with me? I told her the lie that Zet told me. Zet told me his grandfather is dying. Hence in hospital, undergoing emergency operation! Remember my previous posts about how I spent my Valentine Day alone, and later in the night, I cant contact Zet, till 5.30am? Well, he was with her all the way.

How did Jaclyn found out about all these?

I have to say, nothing can be hidden in this world. Everything is just so predestined. Jaclyn read my posts in Flowerpod ( and hence chance upon my blog. She saw the shirt I gave him, saw the sweets I gave him. She placed bits by pieces together and hence saw the whole picture.

I guess she confronted him. He told her, I was nothing more then a toy. Just a frigginy toy! Someone he used to spite her (apparently, he was pissed with Jaclyn for contacting her exbf). I was nothing but a 3rd party. Jaclyn asked him why he wanna do this to me. He told her, he had been trying to explain things to me ever since Valentine Day. But truth is, up till yesterday evening, he is still telling me bullshits, telling me he is serious and stuffs.

I felt so so so cold when I learnt all this.
No tears came, no sadness came. I guess I am still in a state of shock someone could be so heartless like Zet. All throughout the conversation with Jaclyn, he was calling and sms-ing her. Things like *I know you wont wanna hear from me. Take care*. Right. Jaclyn is hurt, I am hurt. I feel so so sorry for us both.

I guess I just have my own foolishness to blame. For trusting him too much, for turning even a blind eyes to all that obvious signs.
He was never there and was always uncontactable during festival days, be it Christmas, new year, Chinese new year, Valentine Day and even our supposedly 1st month anniversary.
There were never any gifts for me. Not even a card or a single grass.
Once when I demanded to see his handphone, he started deleting sms-es.
He deleted the friendster testimonials I left for him.
He ban me from posting his photos or blogging about him.
There were still whole loads of signs.
I just cant believe there are people who are heartless enough to do this.

name removed

I will always remember you. As the guy who lied to me.

I spoke to Jaclyn. And she was all out for me to post his pictures here. We both agreed, maybe there are some other girls out there who knows him…

this are his photos anyway..

anw. So this email came with pictures of this guy.

wow i feel a tad bad for this guy…

BUT. he’s too stupid really. He could have handled the situation better. ha. ok lar. its a wrong thing to do.

SO. By being unfaithful and stupid. He deserves it!

So by showing my commitment to you ladies out there…..


are his pictures..


Hmm.. I am beginning to like this feeling of sisterhood already! =)


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