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April 10, 2006

My official launch of my LOVELY apperitifs!!!

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Am eating my mummy’s home-innovated kaya and cheese bread now as I am typing. Tastes strange, but ok. ha. mummy always like to experiment with new stuff.

Me? I am still thinking of the absolutely delicious bah chow mee from yesterday night! I feel so sinful!!!!!! Due to the sheer peer pressure of XF AND Peishan dearest, I subcumbed and joined them for supper at THAT famous block 85 bah chow mee.

Seriously I couldn’t remember when was the last time I took supper… Hmmm.. Oops. I just remembered when. When we were singing that KTV til 4am, its inevitable to be hungry right? =P either than that, I do not take supper. at all! see? how disciplined I am!?!? ha

okok. i digressed again

It has been really quite awhile since I’ve launched Peihan’s very own line of apperitifs. And I’ve always wanted to post them up.

In fact, I used to have a blog to blog the stuff in Paris. But I guess, I shall post the apperitifs in this new blog lar.

OK! I confess. I am obsessed about pretty little finger food. (who isnt?!?!?!)


The day before.


The preparations started the day before, where I started to prepare the ingredients for my launch and also make the bread sushi in advance.

First of course, since its a launch we need invites!!! (by the way, I lurve entertaining at my home, so I really can’t wait to have my own house! haha.)

Looking at these pictures, I miss my old hair!!! This is BEFORE my hair got messed up by the lady in Shanghai. look how soft it is! =( I miss you, hair!

*I digressed again*

My invite is rolled up and attached with a string, with a little star daggle=)

ha. not difficult to make, but my guests were impressed. Jorge said that he is going to put it into his little box of secrets. ha *sweet smile* My privileged guests are Amy, Liyan, Jorge, Sq.

In fact that night was the last night of Ossie, *cough*, I mean Liyan. It was the last night of Liyan in Paris. She has to go back to London.

With Liyan around, it only means lotsa cam-whoring! ha.

Next comes the main players for the night!

(I shall just post the pictures first. A lengthy and boring explanation of the inspiration for each apperitifs will be posted when I find the time. HAHHAA. I am sure u all are looking forward to it right? =p)

The desserts. I chose lovely looking fruits as ingredients. =)

The chef=)

The happy and proud chef wants to thank the following:

Amy, who really introduced me to cooking. So much so that I kinda like cooking now. PLUS Amy passed lotsa precious recipes!! and she helped with the desserts too!!

Liyan, of course! who helped with the apperitifs. AND she took all the photos with her excellent photography skills. HAHA.

Jorge. Ha. for all his lovely comments like..”oh so cute”. ha.

Sq. well. he helped abit. AND he washed up. but its just because he lost some game that we were playing. HAHA.

BTW, Liyan, u didn’t send the pictures with Jorge, where we tried to ‘ambush’ him by pushing him away, remember? ha. nvm. take ur time! Thanks for the photos again! BISOUS! haaha

Side note:
Apperitifs like this are extremely effort and time consuming. PLUS the ingredients are not cheap. So, Peihan will not do it for a living. But she is happy to do it sometimes to entertain friends in her place (when she gets one). ha. aka wait long long. hhaha…

Amy reprimanded me last friday. that I should not seek to get married because I want my own home. HAHA. I know lar, its just that I cant wait for my own house, where I can decorate, and invite friends… I just love this woman. =)


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