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April 7, 2006

X-men (or rather X-people)

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The night of the exs.

so yesterday, there was an event by startup singapore – One Night Stand.

Anyway, let me digress. What’s up the obsession of sounding er… naughty? !? you see, the harder you try to sound naughty, the more pathetic it sounds. Hmmm.. let me think, how many events have I heard of that were named One Night Stand. A couple of bashes, no less. and even the Night cycling-cum-Eating supper event of my dearest Hall 10. So actually, I think I have been there, done that. I totally understand that that need of a suggestive name for an event to get hold of your target audience’s attention. But really. One-night-stand is really too overused and cliche no? heh.

Wow. this brings back memories of my university days, organising 101 events. ha. Names of the bashes I’ve organised ran through my head… Tease… Ooh la la..Flirt.. Well, turns out, they are just as naughty sounding. But HEY! at least they are more original? Ha.

OK lar. It was just the above digression is just a thought. Cause I have high regards for CREATIVE and DYNAMIC entrepreneurs mar..

Robin leong was the emcee. Really a disappointment, because me and sissy used to really think that he is cute.

The tag line for the event is : Mixing business with pleasure. So we get to rub shoulders with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, marketeers, etc..

At the same time, a business plan competition was going on. It was more of an elevator pitch competition, where the contestants give their elevator pitches, and the judges judge. aka American Idol style! and audiences vote.

There were 4 judges sitting at the side of the stage.

I went to the event with Noel, only to find out that we know quite a number of people there. We happen to know 2 of the 4 judges very well. And noel knew the people sitting at the reserved seats, so I’ve got the best seat in the club I guess.=) happy that I do not have to stand like the rest:P

Then again. Noel’s camera was out of batt. And so we have to rely on my lousy lousy Treo’s camera. (I am missing my panasonic already!)

There was this idea that was quite good, but the pitch was very lousy! It was about customisable bras. =)

After which we get to vote. Our group of people all voted for Bank Virtuel. More than because we know them. Their idea was interesting. Providing banking services for the virtual world=). cause you know, nowadays virtual money is as good as real money=)

So they won!

We were treated to some salsa dance. (oooo, i want to learn salsa for the longest time!) And some …er… strip tease thingy, cleverly repackaged as belly dance. Seriously I did not see any belly movements….

It started off mild. Like any normal belly dancing thingy with the girls wearing a veil.

The veils went off and the dance turns kinda lesbiany.. And the hot blooded guys were like asking.. where can they sign up with this particular dance school.

MEN. *rolls eyes*

Then their pants went off….

*nose bleed*

Then the tops came out. revealing red lacy bras.

*vomits blood*

Oh. one big secret is that…. i know belly dance. SO i think that they are bullshitting really. but who cares! when they are so pleasing to the eyes!!=P

Back to the exes.

So. Yesterday night was kind of… interesting?

The most awkward moment was towards the end.

I was chatting with the scandal of my ex bf’s ex gf, with my ex bf. when the ex gf of my ex bf came over and join us. and after my other ex bf came and spoke to the ex gf of my ex bf. and I was introduced to the current gf of my ex bf. ha.

oh. I could almost go to Miss Singapore Universe’s competition. My ex bf’s ex gf is one of the finalists! I wish her all the best!

HA. I think I am going crazy. I also supported the ex gf of my ex bf in this business plan competition…..

…organised by the brother of my ex bf’s ex gf.

WAHAHAA.. help.

(on the way home, i met sucianto=) and gf. )


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  1. Wow … “Hot” event !! Too bad, I can’t be there !!
    Y didn’t u tell me got sexy dancers !!! hahaha .. 😛
    But seriously, I love these biz kinda of events.

    Aiyoh… peihan ah.. the way u put it, pple might think u are 20 plus ex bfs. V confusing lei…*grin*

    Comment by zuj — April 9, 2006 @ 1:58 pm

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