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April 6, 2006

Dress appeal!

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I get very very obssessed with different things easily.

In fact. all my fetishes last for quite long!

My previous obssession is for tank tops. which lasted thru my dear uni days. Though fading now, it is still somehow existant.=) ha

so. anywayzy.

My current biggest fetish is DRESSES!

I’ve been looking for dresses since I came back. which is 3 months already! Woah.

But sadly great dresses are not easy to come by.

So! do allow me to show off my newest acquisation from Mango! (credits go to my dearestest chenwei of course!!! for the fantastic price tag)

tada! nice?

Ha. I know its hard to visualise. But believe me. I love it. ha. So I am happy today. cos I am all alone in my room. The one sitting opposite has gone to the client’s site.=) LALALA.. (I think I will take less pictures, cos the pictures from my treo are horrendous!!!! *vomits* PanasonicVS2’s camera is soooo much better.

Haiz. but no regrets. Treo has many other functions too. and also I’ve already sold my panasonic. which brings me to a point. ha. the buyer of my pana hp actually left a good rating for me on yahoo auction, saying that I am pretty looking. *blush*. this is a first, really did not expect it, since I was wearing my nerd specs and sporting a huge red pimple on my nose. =) ha. Happy is the word to use. Perhaps I can TRY to start to feel comfortable in specs…. huh?

Ladies night today *smiles* we are going to pig out at kushinbo=) Looking forward to a leisure for so long liao (okok, not so long, 2 days only hahahaaa… I like to exaggerate… a little. uh. ok. alot)

And since we will be passing by Dorothy Perkins, I shall grab that dress that I was eyeing. HA. *Nothing’s gonna stop me!* -_-


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