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April 6, 2006

Delightfully Tired

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well. last night was a fun girls’ night out. which surprisingly at the last minute boosted full attendance, except for the sick one at home. (take care chenwei!)

Though. in the middle of the evening, we were abandoned by the only male member of our clique. haha. we didn’t really care did we? especially when he smsed that he still loved us. HAHAHA..

Anyway. That dorothy perkins’ dress DOES NOT HAVE MY SIZE! grrr… I really do not see the point of importing so many dresses of like.. size 12-16 lor. seriously.

Going to zara quickly later after lunch to take a quick peek! =P

but that wasnt the reason why I am so tired today.

I shouldnt have done what I did and end up sleeping at 2am. (in my defense, it was unconcious!) And end up shocking someone this morning, because I thought I woke up one hour late! heh.

Blur is me, when I have late nights. ok that’s all.

oh. since we are in the shopaholic mood. (going to Bangkok at the end of may! yay! I will be loading up on my accessories collection.)let me show you all what I have my eyes on.

By Loop NYC. absolutely droolicious! but style and quality doesnt come cheap.='( hmm

Chenwei has it already. And I really dislike this stupid carrot in front of my face!!! grr…


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